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Sales & Use Tax Compliance For Dummies

This book is aimed at financial management professionals who want to explore ways to comply with sales and use tax regulations.

Use the information in this book to learn about Nexus (the obligation to collect and remit tax).

Examine the sales and use tax landscape in today’s economy, how well your business complies with sales and use tax regulatory requirements, and how to avoid sales and use tax audits, which can be far more costly than you may expect.

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Evolution of a Business System Hairball and How To Avoid It

This 6 Minute Read outlines How disparate business systems can cause unnecessary complexities for corporations and how your team can streamline operations with an integrated cloud-based ERP.

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The CFO's Guide To Reducing The Risk of Fraud

This eBook was designed to help CFO's identify the risk of fraud, it's origins, and to provide solutions to mitigate this risk through Corporate Culture and Risk Management Exercises. The handy "Fraud Prevention Checklist" towards the end of the presentation, gives CFO's actionable information to help reduce the exposure to fraud.

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The Money Story: Overcoming The Seven Barriers To Business Success

This 13 Minute Read - Overcoming The Seven Barriers To Business Success - asks the question "Can You Tell Your Companies Real Money Story?"

This whitepaper explores the Seven Barriers To Business Success:

  • The Hairball
  • Waiting For Real-Time Information
  • Billing & Rev Rec: Necessary Bedfellows
  • Upgrades Equal Downgrades
  • Where's The Money?
  • Uncoupled Product and Service
  • Misalignment of Strategy and Execution
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The Finance Dilemma: Rising Expectations, Diminishing Returns

Firms specializing in Financial Services are laser-focused on the challenges of competing in fast-changing, competitive markets. Executives and Managers at these organizations are expected to supply visibility into financial performance and help to shape strategic direction.

This Fourteen (14) Minute Read Covers:

  • Top Pressures Facing Finance Executives
  • Opportunities For High-Impact Improvement
  • Inflexible Legacy Financial Software
  • Limited Automation In Key Financial Processes
  • Characteristics of the Ideal Financial Management Solution
  • Benefits of Cloud-Based Financial Management
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Digital Transformation: Why Healthcare Companies Are Adopting A Suite Approach To Software

This 4 Minute Read outlines Why Healthcare Companies Are Adopting a Suite Approach to Software - and highlights how digital transformation has become a key strategic initiative for staying ahead of the curve. This whitepaper explores topics like:

  • The Competitive Advantage
  • The Customer Is King
  • Added Security
  • Licensing Complexity
  • Going For Growth
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Transforming Today's Manufacturers: NetSuite Provides The Foundation For Success

This 10 Minute Read outlines Why Manufacturers Choose NetSuite - and addresses specific, shared pain points for Manufacturers like:

  • "We Need Manufacturing Specific Capabilities"
  • "We Need A Sturdy, Reliable Platform"
  • "We Need Global Functionality"
  • "We Need To Focus On The Customer Experience"
  • "We Need A Flexible Solution"
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A Customer Case Study: Pro-Flex, Switching From Epicor To NetSuite

This 6 Minute Read outlines Why ProFlex Switched From Epicore To NetSuite - and highlights how they came to their decision, as well as the benefits they found by switching to NetSuite.

This whitepaper explores topics like:

  • Pain Points ProFlex Sought To Address
  • Criteria from the ERP Search
  • Added Benefits Beyond Financials
  • The State of the Business Today
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The Retailer's Blueprint For Success: Enabling Great Customer Experiences

This interactive eBook takes retailers on a journey, outlining "The Retailer's Blueprint For Success." From identifying challenges to providing solutions, this ebook is a great resource for established e-commerce retailers, and newbies alike.

Read This eBook To Discover:

  • Disruptions In Retail
  • Unique Challenges Facing Retailers
  • Customer Focused Musts
  • NetSuite For Retailers Overview
  • NetSuite Tools Descriptions and Use Cases
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5 Signs It's Time To Automate Accounts Payable

There are events that happen within the life of a company that make it the perfect time to automate. In this eBook, we’ll highlight five signs that it’s time to automate your accounts payable process.

The most compelling reason to look towards Accounts Payable Automation are:

  • Business Volume Is Increasing
  • A Veteran AP Employee Is Retiring
  • Your Last Audit Didn't Go So Well
  • Your Organization Has Been A Victim of Fraud
  • Your Internal Controls Aren't Up To Par
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