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Our Support Matrix

Your Guide To Exactly What Features Are Included In Our Support Tiers

Features Advise Enhance Transform
Support of Existing Implemented Features BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Standard Report Customization Help BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Standard Report Customization Creation   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
 Complex Report Creation & Customization (requiring Scripting, SQL, Complex Formulas, Advanced PDFs)     BSP_Check3
Saved Search Help BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Saved Search Creation   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
 Complex Saved Search Creation (requiring Scripting, SQL, Complex Formulas, Advanced PDFs)     BSP_Check3
Dashboard Help (For Pre-Existing Dashboards) BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Form Customization Support (For Pre-Existing Forms That May Be Broken Or Need Adjustments) BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Custom Form Creation (Not Including Forms Requiring Custom Scripting)   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
 Complex Form Creation (including forms that require custom scripting)     BSP_Check3
Custom Field Support BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
 Complex Field Creation (including fields that require custom scripting)     BSP_Check3
Workflow Support (Pre-Existing Workflows, No Scripting) BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Workflow Creation (Not Including Workflows Requiring Custom Scripting)   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
 Complex Workflow Creation (including workflows that require custom scripting)     BSP_Check3
User Creation and Access Provisioning   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
Role Permission Support BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Role Permission Administration   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
New Release Testing (w/ Client Provided Template & Test List)     BSP_Check3
Annual Customer Engagement Session (a $2000 value!) BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1 BSP_Check1
Semi-Annual Customer Engagement Session (a $4000 value!)   BSP_Check4 BSP_Check4
General NetSuite Consulting and Implementation of New Modules or Features     BSP_Check3
 Custom Application Support including Scripting, Integration or Software Development     BSP_Check3
End User Training     BSP_Check3
Admin Training     BSP_Check3
Flex Hours include for Transform Support
calculated hours per month = .01% x NetSuite AAR (i.e. $100,000 yearly AAR = 10hrs. per month)

We Offer Three Levels of NetSuite Support For Users & Teams

With Transparent Pricing and a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), Business Solution Partners is providing Superior Support Options for all of your NetSuite needs. Never worry about picking up the phone to ask questions and get answers... We'll even do the work for you! Just select your support level from our options below:

Unlimited, Professional NetSuite Support

(Annual NetSuite Spend)

  • 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
  • Solutions Driven Consulting
  • The "How To" - Not The "Do"
  • Covers In-Use Modules & Customizations
  • Requires In-House Resource To Execute
  • $600mo. Minimum Monthly Contract
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Your Oracle NetSuite Administrator

(Annual NetSuite Spend)

  • 9:00am - 8:00pm EST
  • Advice Plus Action!
  • All The Perks of Basic
  • We Create Custom Reports & Searches
  • We Take On The Role of Admin
  • $2,500 Minimum Monthly Contract
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Administration & Strategic Consulting

5.5% NS ARR
(Annual NetSuite Spend)

  • 9:00am - 8:00pm EST
  • All Basic & Advanced Features
  • Includes "Flex Hour" Consulting Time
  • Use Flex Hours For Training, New Release Testing, Scripts, Expressions, Formulas, Customization & More!
  • $4,000 Minimum Monthly Contract
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*BSP Support Packages are billed monthly. Pricing is dependent upon your Total Annual NetSuite License Expenditure (AAR), as calculated by tier. Minimum monthly rate shall be $600.
Guaranteed Support - Business Solution Partners guarantees same-day response to any support request received before 3pm EST. Support requests received after 3pm EST are guaranteed a next day response. Advise and Enhance tiers guarantee access for two (2) client employees to utilize the resources of a dedicated BSP Support Team member. The Transform tier guarantees access for three (3) client employees to utilize support resources. Transform clients may purchase access for additional team members to utilize support resources for $1000mo. per team member. Transform clients receive "Flex Hours" with their contract equal to .01% of Total Annual NetSuite License Expenditure. Transform clients may purchase additional Flex Hours at the discounted rate of $200hr.

Expert Support For All Areas Of The Oracle NetSuite Unified Business Management Suite

ERP | Accounting | OneWorld | CRM | SuitePeople | PSA | SuiteCommerce | BI


Basic Support

Everyone needs a lifeline from time to time. Business Solution Partners basic support package provides just that - expert advise for all your NetSuite needs.

Our basic support is designed for customers with the bandwidth and resources to take action on our recommendations, but need help understanding the functionality, process or strategy behind the solution. With our expert team guiding your in-house efforts, there is nothing you can't accomplish with NetSuite.


Advanced Support

Don't have the bandwidth or personnel needed to perform critical administrative tasks in your NetSuite Portal? Let Business Solution Partners Enhance your Oracle NetSuite experience with Admin Level Support.

With this package, you get all of the advice and guidance of our basic package, PLUS the administrative resource you need to execute. Our support team will act as your Netsuite admin, managing tasks from users and roles to forms and fields.


Support Without Limits

Transform your approach to NetSuite with support services designed for the highly customized portal. In addition to all the features of the Advise and Enhance programs, you'll receive a monthly allotment* of "Flex Hours" to use as you see fit.

Use your Flex Hours for End User or Administrator Training, Custom Scripting Needs or Advanced Formulas. You determine the best allocation of resources and we do all the work...

*"Flex Hours" are determined by Annual NetSuite Platform Spend.

From Our Blog:

Your Software Provider can deliver technical support, but what if your needs go beyond platform usage? Whether your company is looking to onboard new systems, get practical advise and support, or are simply looking for a regular resource to help your teams succeed with NetSuite, you should consider working with a SaaS Certified Partner.


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