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End-to-End Business Management For Appliance Retailers

The Appliance Bundle Powered by Oracle NetSuite Works to Create Efficiency in Every Part of your Retail Business - Procurement, Inventory Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, E-Commerce, Delivery, Service and more...

Featuring a powerful set of tools created specifically around the needs of multi-location appliance retailers, our solution allows your client facing teams to deliver white glove service throughout the buyer's journey - from driving awareness through
service-after-sale. Behind the scenes, you'll marvel at how The Appliance Bundle streamlines operations, provides real time connections to your partners and suppliers, and solves for complex industry needs like Rebate and Warranty management.

Modern Versatility Designed for a
Changing Industry
As Appliance Retailers face down the challenges of shifting consumer habits and increased competition from big box stores, they need a competitive edge that helps reduce costs, increase efficiency and close the process gaps that bleed margin.
...and we'll tell you a secret - this differentiator isn't going to come from within your marketing department or sales team.
We thoroughly examined the unmet needs of the Appliance Retail Market and have determined that you can gain a competitive edge through the proper deployment of the right technology, supported by the right processes.
With that in mind, Business Solution Partners teamed up with Oracle NetSuite to provide the Retail Appliance Industry with a powerful platform to bolster success. The Appliance Bundle for Oracle NetSuite enhances the core functionality of the World's #1 Cloud-Based Business Management Suite with integrations, custom applications and pre-configurations designed specifically for the needs of Appliance Dealers like you...
We listened to the unmet needs of this niche market and examined the common process gaps. Inspired by NetSuite's ability to provide an all-in-one solution, we designed additional features that fulfill the specific needs of high-end appliance retailers.
  • Integrations With Retail Deck & Buying Groups
  • Extended Warranty Upsell & Management
  • Point of Delivery Signature Capture
  • Powerful Customer Relationship Management
  • Fully Featured Rebate Management
  • Delivery Site Payment Processing
  • Credit Processing & Financing
  • Streamlined POS Integrations
  • Proof of Delivery Condition Photography
  • A Powerful E-Commerce Platform
  • And So Much More...

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Customer Service, Support & Repair Features


Routing, Scheduling & Load Optimization


Delivery & Installation Photo Validation

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