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CRM & Marketing Automation

Make Better Decisions, Boost Productivity, Secure More Leads and Achieve More Sales

Today, customer expectations and technology have changed, but with a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation solution you can enable positive customer experiences. You will have the tools to support the end-to-end customer journey, develop an effective lead-nurturing process, monitor projected and actual sales revenue, incorporate social media, personalize customer engagement—and more.

Business Solution Partners are the CRM and Market Automation experts—over the last thirty years, we have worked with many different CRM and Marketing Automation systems to help businesses streamline operations and achieve their goals. At BSP, we're focused on bringing clients into the future with cloud-based software and modern processes.


CRM & Marketing Automation

Enabling Great Customer Experiences

CRM and Marketing Automation Enables Positive Customer Engagement:

  • Support The End-to-End Customer Journey
  • Personalize Customer Engagement
  • Automate Lead Generation and Nurturing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Find The Customer Where They Live (Multi-Channel Marketing)
  • Track Campaigns With In-Depth Analytics
  • Make The Shift To Inbound Marketing & Sales


Only HubSpot combines the best of CRM with Marketing and Sales Automation, providing a full stack solution for everyone: SMBs, The Mid-Market and Enterprise.

Marketing Pro was born for Automation; offering users one simple portal for Email, Social, Landing Pages, Forms, Workflows, and Calls-To-Action that work together seamlessly for a unique customer experience.

It's all connected back to a robust CRM that makes contact management a breeze. Sales Pro provides market leading Sales tools that enable your team to achieve personal customer connections like never before.





Bronto makes high-volume email marketing automation tools for engagement, cross-sell / up-sell opportunities and customer nurturing. NetSuite recently acquired Bronto, as their Email Marketing Automation Software is particularly suited for the types of high-volume e-commerce merchants that rely on the ERP.

If your retail e-commerce company wants to nurture the exisiting client base to realize increased Average Lifetime Value per customer, Bronto is a great choice.


We help businesses transition into lean, efficient profit generating machines through a skillfully developed mix of Process Consulting, Software Implementations, Systems Integrations, Customization, Data Migration & Skills Training - with a focus on executive leadership development and consulting.

Engage with Business Solution Partners, and our Executive Solutions Team will put your business under a microscope to diagnose areas where efficiencies can lead to greater margin. Let us pair you with an eCommerce solution, and supporting apps and integrations that will meet the ever increasing demands of your modern global consumer.

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