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Effective December 1st, 2018 - SuiteSolutions Are Now Free!

What are SuiteSolutions you might ask? A library of ready-to-launch enhancements to the core NetSuite product that address common business requirements across vertical markets.

These industry leading solution accelerators are designed by the NetSuite Professional Services team, and based on over two-decades of global NetSuite implementations.

Bottom line? SuiteSolutions save time and money in the implementation process, or provide flexibility for existing NetSuite customers by augmenting NetSuite's core functionality to meet scaling business needs.

SuiteSolutions offers a vast library of pre-built and pre-configured NetSuite applications to address common business requirements.

By reducing both time-to-market and the costs of development, your company can achieve agility with fewer resources - maximizing your investment.

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Accounts Receivable Deduction & Chargeback Management

Provides the ability to create credit memos and charge back invoices for deductions and write-offs.

  • Be able to efficiently resolve customer short payment and claims issues.
  • Create credit memos for deductions claimed by customers at the time of customer payment.
  • Create chargeback invoices for the deduction amount.
  • Review deductions associated with an invoice.
  • Automate write-offs for small outstanding balances on invoices based on predefined limits.

Administration & Controls Toolkit

A powerful set of tools for managing access, security and internal audit controls.

  • Capture audit data upon deletion of Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Item Receipt, Item Fulfillment, Journals, Inter-company Journals and Custom Records.
  • Automate termination of roles that are no longer required or when the role of an employee is updated.
  • Automated process to remove employee access to sandbox accounts upon termination of access to the production account.
  • Grant and revoke access to SuiteScript and SuiteBundle folders of non-administrative users for a limited time period.

Advanced Approvals

Provides a configurable framework to both define and apply approvals consistently across a wide range of transactions.

  • Approval rules can be configured with various approver types such as Supervisor, Employee, Role, or Department.
  • Approval rule triggers that are based on the transaction amount.
  • Multiple levels of approval rules can be defined. They can be made global across an entire business or they can be made specific to various subsidiaries.
  • Capture a rejection reason.
  • If the person who is designated as the approver is unavailable, Advanced Approvals has the capacity to designate an alternate approver.
  • The ability to both approve and reject multiple transactions using bulk approvals.
  • Approver will receive an email notification with inline links to allow approval or rejection.
  • The person who has requested an approval will receive an email notifying that person as to whether the request was approved or rejected.
  • Set up tolerance limits for amount updates. The approval process will be re-initiated for updates beyond the tolerance limits.
  • Approval transaction history can be viewed.
  • Option of specifying a “Super Approver” to manage exceptions.
  • CSV import created transactions are automatically submitted for approval.

Auto Charge Credit Card

Improves cash flow by charging customers at fulfillment.

  • Invoicing is automatically done upon fulfillment for Sales Orders with credit card payment method.
  • The amount billed on the credit card will automatically equal the amount shipped.

Auto Assign UPC Code

Provides the ability to capture universal product code (UPC) information, automatically assign UPC codes to inventory items, and manage the UPC code lifecycle.

  • Capture Universal Product Code (UPC) information.
  • Automatically assign the UPC codes to the designated inventory items.
  • View UPC Codes and the related items.

Bulk Transfers

Consolidated view of inventory across multiple locations.  Also facilitates allocation or withdrawal of inventory across locations.

  • Replenish stock for multiple locations from a single warehouse by prorating or over writing calculated quantities.
  • Withdraw available stock for items from multiple locations and consolidate into a single location, with ability to consider reserve of safety stock or a percentage of available stock.
  • Preview bulk transfer orders and review shipped and received status of orders after generation.

Collection Notes on Invoices

Tracks collection activities on an invoice.  Also records tentative payment information in the collection notes.

  • Provides the ability to create, update and delete collection notes for any open invoice.
  • Annotate collection activities, such as emails, phone calls, and conference calls, associated with an invoice.
  • Associate notes directly with invoice and customer record.

Consolidated Invoicing

Gives a business the ability to present a single consolidated invoice to the end consumer, with details across multiple invoices in a given period. 

  • Flexible invoice layouts for both print and email options.
  • Invoices will be consolidated through an interactive user interface.
  • Invoices will automatically be consolidated using scheduling capacities.
  • Traceability of invoices are included in consolidation.
  • Ability to exclude customers and/or invoices from consolidation.
  • Payments can be applied by referencing a consolidated invoice.

Credit Card Reauthorization

Maintains valid authorizations when backorders or custom orders extend beyond the authorization period.  Also checks for valid authorization before the order ships.

  • Has the ability to identify Sales Orders that require either authorization or reauthorization.
  • Configurable to define reauthorization business rules as needed.
  • Reauthorizations are triggered by using a scheduled script.
  • A warning message is displayed at the time of fulfillment whenever the sales order does not have a valid authorization.

CSV Integrator

An integrated solution to read CVS files from an external file system for import into NetSuite. 

  • Single tool for importing CSV file data.
  • Configuration driven framework to allow for mapping of CSV data records.
  • Batch integration for periodic import of data.
  • Download of files using FTP.
  • Supports character encoding within CSV Import mapping.
  • Supports both email based and token-based authentication.

Dashboard for Manufacturing

Enhanced accessibility to key metrics for multiple user roles in Manufacturing Industry.  Supports informed decision making with real-time monitoring of processes. 

  • Multiple KPI scorecards tailored for the Manufacturing Industry.
  • Displays KPI scorecards with data regarding Cost Accounting, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Shipping, and more.
  • Dashboards can be enabled for role access.
  • Utilizes Navigation Portlets.

Dashboard for Software Vertical

Enhanced accessibility to key metrics for multiple user roles in Software Industry.  Has industry standard metrics for SaaS businesses.  Supports informed decision making with real-time monitoring of processes.

  • Displays SaaS business critical KPIs with or without Contract Renewals.
  • Displays KPI scorecards with data regarding SaaS metrics, bookings, customers and financials.
  • Most common SaaS metrics are included.
  • Uses custom KPIs on trend reports.
  • Role-specific dashboards.

Dashboard for Wholesale Distribution

Enhanced accessibility to key metrics for multiple user roles in Wholesale Distribution Industry.  Supports informed decision making with real-time monitoring of processes. 

  • Multiple KPI scorecards tailored for Wholesale Distribution.
  • Displays KPI scorecards with data regarding Sales & Operations, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Operations and more.
  • Role-specific dashboards.
  • Utilizes Navigation Portlets and Dashboard Tiles.


Dashboard Tiles

Visually striking way to view key performance indicators. Directs the attention of the user to important data metrics using both color and blinking images.

  • Users can view business critical KPIs in a bold, visual, tile layout.
  • Configurable look and feel.
  • Data selected for display can be configured both through custom records and using saved searches.
  • Tiles are displayed in a custom portlet.

Effective Dated Pricing

Enables the user to automatically maintain item pricing effective for specific dates.        

  • Ability to maintain item pricing over an effective period by setting a start date and, optionally, an end date to the price change. 
  •  Automation to update the price on the effective date.

Enhanced Validations & Defaulting

Enhanced Validations and Defaulting 

Enables the user to implement validations on sales and fulfillment transactions, such as negative inventory and valid customer and item combinations.

  • Restrict which items can be sold to a particular customer.
  • Validate that the quantity entered on sales and fulfillment transactions does not result in a negative inventory amount at the specified location.
  • Default customer discounts on sales transactions.

Import Inventory Adjustments

Facilitates efficient process for ongoing adjustments to inventory.  Eliminates manual, error-prone processes.

  • Provides the ability to adjust inventory via import of CSV records.
  • Creates new record by importing into a custom Inventory Adjustment record.
  • Import flags errors for correction and re-submit.
  • Multiple inventory details are also available with import record such as Bin, Serial #, Expiration Date along with Quantity.
  • Custom fields are also supported.

IT VAR Edition Services

Provides the ability to define a default preferred vendor on items and copy serial numbers to a related sales order.  

  • Set the default vendor on new inventory item records.
  • Map the purchase order vendor and rate from an opportunity to a sales order.
  • Map serial numbers added to shipped items during the fulfillment process back to the original sales order.
  • Generate PDFs of charge based invoices using SuiteSolutions PDF Generator.

Lot Traceability

This solution provides the ability to trace assembly lot items or component lot items to either the supplier or the customer.

  • Rapidly assess both the impact of recalls and quality issues.
  • Identify either finished goods or raw materials that include the defective product.
  • Trace Assembly Lot items or Component Lot items.
  • Trace to the supplier or the customer using backward and forward traces.
  • Search for all impacted transactions from one user interface.
  • Supported transactions include sales orders, purchase orders, fulfilments, inventory transfers and work orders.
  • Export and email search results.

Navigation Portlets

Minimizes clicks to access menus and needed information. Supports role specific access to data.   

  • Organizes navigation links to commonly used functions for specific business processes.
  • Links can be grouped and associated with a category into a visually appealing and intuitive display.
  • Images can be attached to categories to enhance visual display.
  • Categories can be either role or user specific.

Non-Profit (NPF) Midmarket Edition

The SuiteSolutions NFP Mid-Market Edition bundle provides business process solutions for non-profit organizations, including financial reporting, revenue management, fundraising, and constituent relationship management (organizational and individual constituents, householding, and tracking relationships).

The NFP Mid-Market Edition bundle provides the data structures not found in the native NetSuite Service for non-profit accounting, fundraising, constituent management, and grants.

It also helps automate Constituent Management - the management of individuals, “Households” (a group of one or more family members), organizations and their relationships to one another - and captures the transactions associated to each Constituent, allowing for a variety of finance and fundraising reports.

  • Households are automatically created.  Households can be split (in the case of a divorce) and added to (in case of an addition).  Relationships can be deactivated.
  • Leverage prebuilt financial, revenue, expense, fundraising and grant reports, including Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) reports.
  • Display prebuilt KPIs and Dashboards for various roles (such as CEO, CFO, Controller).
  • Quickly view overall giving and relationships using the fund dashboard and relationship report.
  • A custom “NFP Solution Center Tab” aggregates NFP reports and functions for ease of use.

Pay When Paid

Improved cash flow management. Increased visibility of receivables to facilitate bill payment when funds are available.

  • Align bill payment with customer receivables.
  • Commonly associated with projects when receivables for the project must fund bill payments.
  • Bills can be reviewed, and payment confirmed or deferred, prior to payment processing.
  • Option to exempt particular vendors and projects from pay when paid processing.
  • View cash position by project at any time.

PDF Generator

PDF Generator provides a more flexible style on printing and email functionality for entity, transaction and custom records. 

  • Addresses printing requirements on records or transactions.
  • Configurable templates for generating professional PDF output.
  • Easily bulk print and email PDF files.
  • Rich mapping and data transformation capabilities.
  • Conveniently retrieve generated PDF files.

Periodic Inventory

Create standard journal entries to transfer the accounting impact of inventory transactions out of the inventory and COGS accounts to user defines accounts.

  • Individually set up user defined accounts for different combinations of books and subsidiaries.
  • Create background journal entries by a scheduled script based on the accounts defined.
  • Comes with a custom PI Accountant Role made for ease of use of the solution.
  • Four custom reports are included in the solution:
    • Journals Created Today
    • Journals Not Needed for Transactions Created Today
    • Error Report
    • Modified Transactions

Phantom Bill of Materials

Increased organization and structure of Bill of Materials when one or more sub-assemblies are used.  Also reduces the number of work orders.

  • Allows for sub-assembly Bill of Materials to be consolidated into a higher level assembly Bill of Materials creating a single pick list.
  • Configurable preferences to control how Phantom BOM will be processed in a work order.

Project from Opportunity

Provides the ability to create a project record directly from an opportunity record based on configurable preferences.

  • Automatically create and update projects based on the probability level of the opportunity.
  • Automatically link opportunities to projects.
  • Define what fields are sourced to the project from the opportunity based on the probability level.

Rebate Management

Enables the creation and management of rebate transactions and claims.

  • Manage rebate agreements with customers or vendors based on either the sale or the purchase of goods and services.
  • Define priority and stackability rules when applying multiple rebates to a single transaction.
  • Calculate rebates using percentage, amount flat rate, fixed cost or guaranteed profit percentage.
  • Calculate the impact of rebates on sale profit.
  • View rebates applied on transactions in real-time.
  • Process rebate claims.

Return Authorization from Case

Provides the ability to create a return authorization, sales order, or both, from a customer case record.

  • Create a return authorization or a replacement sales order from a case record.
  • Link related sales order and return authorization to the case record.
  • Update the case status when the returning items are received.

Sales Returns Accounting

Enables sales returns to be posted to a sales returns account.

  • Monitor sales returns by posting sales returns to an account different from the sales account.
  • Create and view custom GL impact lines on credit memos and cash sale refunds.
  • Configure Sales Returns account that will be used in creating the custom GL lines.

Script Queue Manager

A solution for SuiteCloud specific users to manage scheduling of scripts within queues.

  • Ensures that scheduled scripts execute on the most available queues.
  • Split the load across multiple queues for scheduled scripts that process records returned by a saved search.
  • Dynamically assign batches of records to be processed either concurrently or by different deployments.
  • Configuration options to specify the number of queues and minimum records per process.

Shared Vendor Bills

Manage shared expenses across subsidiaries, locations or departments.

  • Distribute expenses across different subsidiaries, departments, classes, locations or accounts.
  • Define expense distribution schedule on an as needed basis and assign distribution schedule to bill at the time of vendor bill creation.
  • Flexibility to apply distribution schedule to either the entire bill or to exclude line items.
  • Automated generation of either standard or inter-company journal entries to reflect distribution for approved vendor bills.


Provides the ability to rapidly build both inbound and outbound integrations between NetSuite and external systems.

  • Rapidly build inbound and outbound integrations between NetSuite and external systems using this configuration-driven, scalable, secure and extensible solutions.
  • Leverage real-time and near real-time integrations (synchronous and asynchronous message exchange).
  • Leverage the XML and JSON message formats.
  • Run HTTP authentication and options to support additional authentication methods.
  • Rich response and error handling, including retry.

Vendor Pre-Payments

Allows advance payments to vendors to be created, tracked and applied to vendor bills.

  • Pay vendors in advance prior to receiving goods or services.
  • Record prepayments against the purchase order, with prepayment bills automatically created when the PO is approved.
  • Prepayment credits are applied during vendor bill payment, automatically or with a user interface.
  • Make multiple prepayments per purchase order, if necessary.

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