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Retail eCommerce

Solutions To Achieve Global eCommerce Domination

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
for Retailers: In-Store, Online & Beyond

You may be the exclusive retailer of a hot new sports / lifestyle product,
or carry a large line of home decor goods. Retailers both small and large sell a huge array of products in every category, but all share similar challenges:

  • omni.jpgCompeting In A Global Marketplace
  • Identifying and Leveraging Differentiators
  • Obtaining New Clients / UpSelling Existing Clients
  • Developing Customer Loyalty
  • Processing Payments In-Store & Online
  • Tax Compliance
  • Managing Your Human Resources
  • Financial & Operational Analytics

Success in the modern Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Retail Marketplace demands the agility to quickly respond to changing market conditions, and stability to weather any storm. OmniChannel Retail Solutions combine tools for managing inventory, processing orders, streamlining logistics and marketing your products to a global audience. Our question to you - Are the systems and processes you use holding your Retail company back, or moving your business forward?

Business Solution Partners develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions based on NetSuite software - and Financial and Marketing Automation software designed to work with your ERP - providing Retailers with a single view into all critical business areas including:

e-Commerce & POS Integrations | Inventory Management Systems
Content Management Systems | Order Processing | Inbound Marketing
Accounting | Purchasing | Logistics | and more...

With the help of Business Solution Partners, I feel like we are so close to really maximizing HubSpot and using it to its full capacity. We have so much data built up in there that we can really turn into a powerful outbound/inbound machine with their support and guidance.Dawn Norris - Dir. Communications,

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Enabling Great Customer Experiences

The Retailers Blueprint For Success

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Let's Get Specific: Our Retail eCommerce Specialties

Consumer Packaged Goods

This Wide Ranging Category Covers a lot of Different Products, but the Processes & Technology Utilized to Achieve Success are Consistant in the Vertical.

Fashion / Beauty

Fashion & Beauty Product Sale Are All About Aesthetics. Your Customer Experience Must Be Beautiful, Intuitive, and Functional.

Sports Equipment / Lifestyle

Selling Big Ticket Items Like Jetskis Takes A Drastically Different eCommerce Approach When Compared To Small Goods Like Baseball Equipment.

Subscription Services

A Fast-Growing, Highly Lucrative Market Segment, Direct-To-Consumer Subscription Services Rely on Streamlined Inventory Management, A Clean Logistics Pipeline, and Advanced Customer Relationship Management Systems.

B2B eCommerce

When Your Sales Focused on B2B - It's All About Relationships. Advanced CRM & Marketing Automation Seamlessly Integrates with Warehouse Managment, Logistics, Inventory, Accounting, Customer Service and More...

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From order management to the customer experience, the right ERP system will supercharge your retail e-commerce business. Connect the dots between customers and your supply chain to insure stock, manage shipping and logistics, and get your products into customer's hands quickly and efficiently.

Sell Better, Market Better, Service Better and Support Your Business Better with Enterprise Resource Planning software and strategy from the ERP experts at Business Solution Partners.




Inventory Management - It's crucial for eCommerce businesses. The ability to function without lag is a major competitive edge that can be a differentiator - making you money, earning new customers and enhancing your reputation. Despite its growing significance, scores of SMBs do not have robust inventory management systems in place. They either use manual methods or do not track inventory at all.

Business Solution Partners equips eCommerce Retailers with with the right strategy, tools and training to transform your business into a streamlined, margin-maximizing operation. The integration of Inventory Management tech, and process training to develop employee skills, combine to provide growing eCommerce Retailers with a scaleable, yet stable platform for growth.




The right logistics solution can make or break a retail company. Companies have never had more options for getting products in the hands of their customers, but what is the right solution for your organization? Perhaps you require a carrier-calculated shipping integration, or need to book space on a cross-country shipping route. Modern retailers must pay close attention to logistics management to compete in the global market.

We are the industry experts that can put you on the path to a strealined supply chain and reliable shipping solutions through a strategic mix of process consulting and technology. Ensure that your inventory has landed and deliverable are fulfilled with Logistics technology and consulting from Business Solution Partners.



Nothing is more important to a retailer than fulfilling orders - yet so many companies suffer from poor order management. The right Order Management systems help companies strengthen the customer relationship, streamline operations, align leadership and unlock deep insights through data visualization.

Provide customers with self-service access to order, delivery, and payment information. Take control of quoting and the order process with workflows for pricing, promotions and approval routing. Unify all stakeholders with one system for sales and service, finance, fulfillment and the executive team. And Improve business performance with real-time access to days sales outstanding and other key collection information - all from within your Advanced Order Management platform.




Your website is the gateway to a global marketplace. As the industry of e-commerce has matured, so has the online consumer. Today, success in online retail demands a beautiful, functional website that users find intuitive. Retailers that are aligned with the modern internet buyer reflect higher conversion rates and enjoy legions of loyal customers. 

Business Solution Partners' UX Specialists are steeped in the social psychology of the modern buyer. We understand how color, space, text, and imagery communicate your intended message to your target demographic. And, we know how to take your e-commerce platform to the next level, with deep technical understanding of today's most popular systems like SuiteCommerce Advanced, Magento, ShopifyPlus and more...




Managing the customer relationship from prospect to evangelist demands a combination of data visibility and automation processes designed to educate and nurture leads. Leveraging the right mix of CRM and Marketing Automation technology with Business Solution Partners proven go-to-market and Inbound Marketing methodologies is a winning combination for any growing business.

From Implementation and Migration to ongoing Campaigns and Sales Process Consulting, Business Solution Partners provides marketing teams with the insights and tools necessary to achieve maximum brand awareness, manage the customer relationship, and increase the bottom line.


Our Services For Retailers

Find out how Business Solution Partners can help your organization source new customers, process orders efficiently, optimize inventory management, reduce the cost of logistics, and provide outstanding customer service.


Process Consulting for Retailers

Retail Specific Strategies

Your Industry Is Our Specialty

Business Solution Partners' OmniChannel Retail focused consultants have worked with hundreds of business owners to streamline operations and increase margin. Our proven business process consulting services uncover efficiencies and optimize your retail organization through a combination of strategy, technology and process. Let us evaluate your business and provide practical advice for process improvement and employee empowerment.

During this intensive process, we interview company managers, thoroughly examine all business processes from accounting to logistics, and engage with front line employees. We probe to find pain-points and bottlenecks - the hidden black-holes in your organization that gobble up margin. At the close of discovery, we provide actionable recommendations to ensure that your organization is a streamlined, margin-optimizing machine. We then stay with you through the execution phase of the plan, providing software and process implementation, integration and training.

Business Process Consulting from Business Solution Partners will lead to reduced paperwork and manual processes, increase visibility into KPIs and, eliminate redundancies across the organization.

Want to learn more? Sign up for a free 30-Minute consultation to discover how BSP can affordably and effectively transform your distribution business to address the modern markeplace and consumer.

OmniChannel Retail Software Implementations - ERP, CRM, WMS, CPM


Eliminate Uncertainty

With BSP’s ImplementationPlus Methodology

We perform system deployments using ImplementationPlus, a proven methodology that allows us to plan, design, build, test and deploy your solution. ImplementationPlus is a proven proprietary implementation methodology that includes field-tested best practices and tools for flawless ERP system deployments, migrations, configurations and upgrades.

Time and again, the ImplementationPlus methodology has helped us produce successful, end-to-end implementations for Retailers by following the same proven process for every project. Refined and perfected over hundreds of successful implementations, ImplementationPlus supports every phase of your deployment, from planning and development to education and ongoing support.

Custom Integrations


Retail Specific Solutions

Integrating ERP, CRM and E-Commerce Software & POS

At Business Solution Partners, we understand how frustrating it can be to have to re-enter data in more than one system. We also know that this can cause a drag on business process efficiency and hinder the usage of the software by your employees.

In order to avoid or minimize this problem, we provide services to integrate systems like ERP, CRM and E-commerce software so data moves instantly and efficiently from one system to another without the need for duplicate entry. This means each system you use to run your business is using the same records to manage accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory and your e-commerce web store.

Our integration experts can analyze your business process and produce a cost-effective and viable plan for integrating your data between systems and the best, most efficient way to implement that plan in a timely manner. We will also stick around to support you on go live and going forward so you’re never in the dark or without help.

Employee Training


Empower Your Employees

On-Site, Online, & Classroom Training

Get Personalized Training For NetSuite, Adaptive Insights, Microsoft Dynamics & More...

The pace of business increases every day. To stay ahead of the competition, you need educated, empowered employees who can tap the full potential of your NetSuite, Adaptive Insights and Microsoft Dynamics systems.

We provide On-Site, Online and Classroom training in addition to custom training manuals for the software systems we implement. This training can help you realize additional value from your applications and provide the skills your employees need to share information efficiently, boost productivity and move your OmniChannel Retail organization forward.

Convenient and cost-effective, our training offerings are designed by curriculum experts and delivered by certified, knowledgeable training professionals. For added value, our training uses actual business data, including all customizations and enhancements, and addresses such topics as process flow, application functionality and technical design and capability.

Data Migration & Management


Switching Systems?

Don't Loose Your Precious Data!

Apart from your employees, business data is probably your organization’s most important asset. So when it’s time to move from one Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management system to another, it’s vital that you enlist the services of an expert in data migration.

At Business Solution Partners, our experienced team follows a proven, structured methodology for extracting your legacy data from your old ERP or CRM system and successfully migrating it into your new system. Using this time-tested process, we can scrub your old data, eliminate duplicate data and even enhance your data to make it more usable than it was previously.

When you call on Business Solution Partners to perform your data migration, you’ll enjoy the confidence that your critical data will move from your old system to your new one safely, securely and quickly—enabling you to begin using it immediately. Plus, you’ll avoid the time, expense and potential errors associated with rekeying data from one system into another.

Regulatory Compliance


Because Compliance Matters

Even Retailers Face Regulatory Issues...

If the job of a CFO weren’t already difficult enough, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) has made it much more so. SOX law includes numerous checks, balances and requirements for financial reporting and controls that affect all publicly held organizations.

This means that in addition to their day-to-day duties, CFOs need to ensure that Sarbanes-Oxley rules are followed to the letter throughout their organization. HIPAA law provides for Healthcare continuity, privacy and accountability.

We can help you implement the right accounting, customer and patient software to help your organization achieve SOX and HIPAA compliance by managing compliance initiatives related to Sections 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 164.502 of the Federal Register’s Department of Health and Human Services.

These systems can help you increase the visibility and transparency of your financial processes and internal controls and provide your CFO with better views into and more control over financial reporting as well as secure sensitive patient and customer data. All ERP or CRM implementation activities are conducted with compliance in mind, including having a clear project plan, well-documented processes and rigorous testing.

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