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on Jan 4, 2024 10:09:29 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: Live Events
This is the biggest event of the year for the Firearms Industry, bringing together Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and a host of other vendors servicing the ecosystem. Team Orchid Advisors and BSP will be onsite at SHOT Show Booth #72839 located at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 23, 2024, to January 26. Stop by the booth, or pre-book a convenient meeting with our Firearms ERP Experts, to learn about our complete solution for ERP and Compliance, including eCommerce and CRM.
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on Nov 30, 2023 2:42:30 PM | by Shannon Moffett | Tags: Live Events
The best part about NetSuite is how customizable it is.But all that customization can lead to Technical Debt. Technical debt in NetSuite is not only scripting and workflows, but it also includes custom records, saved searches, custom fields, and reports your organization leverages in it's day to day work.
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on Oct 24, 2023 10:59:59 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: Live Events, Firearm Manufacturing
We're ready to head out to Columbus, Ohio to prepare for the 2023 NASGW Expo. Team BSP will be onsite at the National Association of Sporting Good Wholesalers located at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from October 24, to October 27, 2023. Visit us and learn about our complete solution for ERP and Compliance which includes manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce, and CRM.
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on Oct 13, 2023 4:02:11 PM | by Shannon Moffett | Tags: Live Events
Business Solution Partners is the proud founding sponsor and host of the Southern California, Northern California, and New York NetSuite User Groups. We're going virtual for the final meeting of the year, and we've got a BIG get! We are so thrilled to announce that we will be joined by Evan Goldberg, the founder and EVP of NetSuite, to celebrate 25 years of NetSuite!
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on Oct 11, 2023 3:20:25 PM | by Shannon Moffett | Tags: Live Events
Setting a budget is easy. Staying within that budget is what's difficult. As your company navigates uncertain economic times, financial discipline and fiscal responsibility become paramount to ensure the sustainability of your business. Having real-time visibility to all company spend as well as the enforceable company budgets are two critical components to ensuring that discipline.
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on Sep 29, 2023 12:52:11 PM | by Ron Rubens | Tags: NetSuite, Live Events, Appliance Retail, isg
In today's fast-paced retail environment, achieving omnichannel dominance is no small feat. e.l.f. Cosmetics, a leading beauty brand, has successfully navigated this complex landscape with the help of NetSuite OneWorld. This customer success story showcases how NetSuite's robust solutions have enabled e.l.f. Cosmetics to streamline operations, improve customer engagement, and position itself for international expansion.
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on Sep 28, 2023 5:45:45 PM | by Melody Flynn | Tags: NetSuite, Live Events, Appliance Retail, isg
Designed specifically to address the needs of office products, jan-san, and furniture dealers, we've enhanced the World's #1 Cloud-ERP with the introduction of the ISG / ISSA Edition of Oracle NetSuite. Our solution empowers dealer to move off their antiquated systems and onto NetSuite more easily and cost effectively. Combined with Logicblock, the industry’s leading eCommerce solution, dealers are unlocking the true potential of their operations with an open, flexible, customizable, end-to-end sales and purchasing experience.
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on Aug 18, 2023 1:22:17 PM | by Shannon Moffett | Tags: NetSuite, Adaptive Insights, Live Events
What are Private Equity teams looking for when they invest? Investment is a numbers game, and investors are specific about the numbers that drive decision making. Whether you are currently being evaluated for investment, or you want to secure investment in the future, you need to know the numbers that are important to investors. Join the CEOs of Business Solution Partners (David Smooha), Columbia River Partners (Nathan Chanddasekaran), and Turning Point Strategic Advisors (Allan Chaffee) for a roundtable discussion about all of the KPIs that are important to Private Equity, what investors are looking to understand about your business pre-investment, and what you'll be responsible for reporting back to your investors post-acquisition.
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