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Personalized Enterprise Distribution Software Implementations

Powerful Results

You’re ready to implement a next-generation enterprise distribution software system for your business. But where do you go from there?

It’s understandable to be wary of hiring a company outside New York City to implement NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Adaptive Insights, or other CRM and ERP solutions. The distant, impersonal nature of such a relationship doesn’t lead to smooth, successful implementations.

Why Business Solution Partners?

Based just east of New York City, Business Solution Partners offers a local, personalized approach to all enterprise distribution software implementation projects. We’re a leading NetSuite wholesale distribution solutions and e-commerce partner, backed by decades of industry experience.

We’re in business to make your software pains and problems disappear. Our software implementation and training services are based on the following principals.

1) Familiarity Foundation:

A philosophy born out of the desire to break free from cold, distant software support centers and the “one-and-done” implementation mentality that pervades the industry. With Business Solution Partners you get the personalized, long-term commitment you’re looking for in a business partner.

2) Local Support System:

We guarantee your enterprise distribution software implementation includes in-person training and support, plus domestic customer support services available 24/7.

3) Implementation Success Guarantee:

Feel secure knowing that in more than 20 years of business, we’ve never been part of an unsuccessful software system implementation. We’re so confident in our process that if you follow our methodology and your implementation fails, it’s free.

4) Zero-Interruption Migration:

Managing an organizational change such as implementing new enterprise software is no simple task. Our implementation services start with an assessment that determines the best course of action for your unique business needs. Then we present you with a phased implementation solution that’s scalable to your specific needs and doesn’t impact your daily operations. You get the software you need and your employees’ productivity continues uninterrupted.

5) BudgetWatch:

Keep the cost of your enterprise distribution software system implementation under control with BudgetWatch. Avoid going over budget with our fixed-fee implementation. Monitor your project with a weekly, itemized budget report provided by us to help you keep track of your implementation project capital.

6) ImplementationPlus Methodology:

Exactingly refined over hundreds of successful implementations, this Microsoft-certified, multi-step implementation methodology includes field-tested best practices and tools designed for flawless enterprise system deployments, configurations, migrations and upgrades.

Certifications, Awards & Accolades

Business Solution Partners is decorated for its success in helping businesses get the most out of their enterprise software. Our team of highly trained, experienced experts have earned the honors of:

  • NetSuite 5-Star Award Winner – 2014
  • NetSuite 3-Star Award Winner – 2013
  • Adaptive Insights Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Enterprise Resource Planning partner
  • Microsoft Gold Customer Relationship Management partner
  • Microsoft Silver Hosting partner
  • 2014 VAR100 Award recipient