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Turnkey ERP For Firearms Manufacturers, Distributors & Retail

The Firearms Bundle for Oracle NetSuite, featuring FFL Suite - A Fully Integrated ATF Compliance Solution - is the first truly turn-key ERP designed specifically for Firearms Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers like you.

Crafting Scalable Solutions through Collaboration

Business Solution Partners and NetSuite are leading a technological revolution for the Firearms Industry by marrying industry-specific technology with the world’s #1 choice for cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning.

By consolidating financial and operational data into a single platform, firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers are realizing an efficient, scalable solution that addresses the top six industry drivers affecting the business: 
  • Dramatic Fluctuations in Demand and Supply
  • Growing Prevalence of Specialty Shops
  • Blurred Lines Between Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail
  • Shifting Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Shifting Political and Public Opinion
  • Consumer Preferences around Point-of-Sale Options

This transformational approach works to create an improved customer and sales experience, ensures both data integrity and accuracy, helps to reduce labor costs from re-work and manual processes, streamlines operations from purchasing to delivery, and provides a more complete inventory picture.

With The Firearms Bundle by Business Solution Partners, your organization can be more agile, make faster decisions, and pivot quickly to address real-world situations that affect your business, and your bottom line.

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Are you tired of managing a software stack that wasn't designed around the needs of the firearms industry?

Business Solution Partners is proud to introduce The Firearms Bundle for Oracle NetSuite, featuring FFL Suite - a native integration to Orchid eBound. Built on the NetSuite Cloud ERP Platform, The Firearms Bundle is fully tested, and fully compliant, right out of the box. You can take advantage of the world’s #1 business management suite while maintaining the strictest compliance for ATF regulated inventory transactions.

Designed to accelerate innovation and fuel growth, The Firearms Bundle by Business Solution Partners features pre-configured, industry specific enhancements to support firearm engineering & production, subcontract operations management, serialized inventory control, laser marking, and compliance reporting - keeping your business running smooth, and Uncle Sam off your back.

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SuiteSuccess for Manufacturers
With the Firearms Bundle from BSP

  • Order Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Controls
  • Streamlined Procurement
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Quality Management
  • Product Data Management
  • Preconfigured Roles & Dashboards
  • All Tied Back To Financials

SuiteSuccess for Distributors
With the Firearms Bundle from BSP

  • OmniChannel Sales Management
  • Streamlined Procurement
  • Self-Service Vendor Portals
  • Warehouse Management
  • Expedited Fulfillment
  • Marketing Automation
  • Complete Inventory Visibility
  • Preconfigured Roles & Dashboards
  • All Tied Back To Financials

SuiteSuccess for Retail
With the Firearms Bundle from BSP

  • In-Store POS
  • OmniChannel E-Commerce
  • CRM & MArketing
  • Order Management
  • Inventory & Supplier Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Preconfigured Roles & Dashboards
  • All Tied Back To Financials

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