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BSP: Empowering Companies to Succeed with NetSuite

A NetSuite Solution Provider for more than 20 years, Business Solution Partners is a recognized market leader in enterprise distribution software implementation, migration, development, integrations, customization, consulting, and training.


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BSP & Netsuite

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Personalized Approach

As a multi-award-winning NetSuite partner, our dedicated account managers and service provider teams have earned trusted advisor status. Our experienced CPAs, developers, and certified business analysts boast decades of vertical-specific industry expertise, making us ideally equipped to deliver custom enterprise distribution software implementations.


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Superior Service

From initial planning and development through education, in-person training and ongoing domestic support services, our team adheres to the same scalable process for every project to produce successful, end-to-end implementation.


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Proprietary ImplementationPlus Methodology

Field tested, phased custom solutions scalable to your specific manufacturing and distribution needs. Our zero-interruption migration model has a 100% success rate, resulting in successful planning, design, building, testing and deployment.


BSP: Next-Level Expertise

Business Solution Partners are experts in their field, taking business process consulting, implementation, ERP data migration, application development and NetSuite support services to the next level with their award-winning staff.

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 Expert Consultants

 SaaS Implementation

 Secure Migration

 Tailored Applications

 Support Team

Expert Consultants

Our expert consultants boast years of practical experience applying software, technology and process solutions to a wide array of business challenges, helping companies modernize as they address the demands of the marketplace, edge out the competition and set their sights on thriving in a global economy.

Our industry-focused advice, based on a proven track record of real-world business engagements, makes us uniquely suited to improve efficiencies and increase margins, leading to higher revenues, happier employees, and smoother operations under the guidance of our dedicated consulting teams.

SaaS Implementation

SaaS implementation is based on the blueprint of Define, Design, Develop and Deploy. Beginning with a full client onboarding to ensure all parties are appropriately aligned, project scope is thoroughly reviewed, a detailed agenda and timeline is set, and tasks and budget are outlined.

Custom solutions are designed following extensive personnel interviews, reviews of existing business processes, identification of functional gaps, and designation of appropriate customizations, integrations and reporting requirements.

Once installed, team training begins to test these new processes and optimize as needed, in preparation for wider end-user audits and the finalization of all data migrations and deployment.

Secure Migration

Business data is among an organization’s most crucial assets, making its secure migration integral to a smooth software transition.

By extracting legacy data from the old ERP/CRM and transferring it to a new system, our team ensures this process is quick and efficient, avoiding costly downtime and eliminating unnecessary expenses and potential errors that can occur from the need to rekey data.

Tailored Applications

By tailoring ERP/CRM and CPM applications to specific business needs, we are able to effectively streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, minimize errors, and provide valuable insights to leadership. From dashboard customizations to standalone applications, our custom development can take business operations to the next level.

BSP’s team boasts extensive knowledge of programming languages and cross-platform experience—Java Scripting, HTML, Microsoft, .NET, SOAP, HubL, Webhooks, Open API Development, Web Services Programming, Dexterity language—facilitating the creation of tailor-made integrations.

Support Team

The support team is oriented to your custom solution, which is systematically reevaluated each year to provide recommendations for improvement. All support customers receive a preferred rate on the full suite of NetSuite services, as well as access to unlimited, same-business-day support from NetSuite professionals. Three pricing tiers provide custom levels of support—Advise, Enhance, and Transform

Vertical Solutions


Finding a business management solution that works best for your company is no easy decision. See how the Appliance Bundle for Oracle NetSuite works to create efficiency in every part of your organization, and addresses many of the industry specific needs that are particular to Appliance Retailers.

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restaurant supply

Restaurant Supply

The Restaurant Supply Bundle for NetSuite addresses top drivers affecting the industry by consolidating financial and operational data and processes into a single platform for your entire business.

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Our proprietary FFL Suite is the first truly turnkey ERP Solution For Regulated FFLs in Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. Built on NetSuite and featuring a native integration to Orchid eBound - the industry leading digital acquisition and disposition book - FFL Suite is solving for the complex needs of of the firearms industry. FFL Suite features pre-configured, industry specific enhancements to support firearm engineering & production, subcontract operations management, serialized inventory control, laser marking and compliance reporting.

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NetSuite: Number One in Cloud ERP

NetSuite, a cloud-based, unified business management platform, encompasses ERP, financials, customer relationship management, and e-commerce.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Effectively run back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud with this modern, scalable solution.

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Accounting Software

Expedite daily financial transactions, accelerate financial close, and ensure necessary compliance.
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Global Business Management (OneWorld)

Improve operational efficiency, provide real-time visibility and consolidation, and the built-in flexibility needed to customize solutions.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Ensure a seamless flow of information across the customer lifecycle—encompassing lead, opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support stages.

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Human Capital Management (SuitePeople)

Empower Human Resources professionals to streamline employee information, from new hires and onboarding to payroll, promotions and compensation changes.

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Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Manage the bid-to-bill process, solving for the needs of service delivery, through a system which is both easy to implement and maintain.

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OmniChannel Retail (SuiteCommerce)

Unify each stage of the process, including e-commerce, point of sale, order management, marketing, merchandising, inventory, financials, and support.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Provide built-in, real-time dashboards, reporting, analysis, and the visibility to identify and address issues, trends, and opportunities.


The SuiteSuccess Promise

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess ensures the migration of operations to the cloud in 100 days or less, eliminating potential roadblocks for those hesitant to consider undertaking a major software upgrade or migration. Combined with BSP’s own ImplementationPlus methodology, this joint effort serves as a valuable asset to mitigate time-to-value drawbacks. 

SuiteSuccess Tools and Add-Ons:


JavaScript-based solution for coding and debugging within NetSuite; enables developers to build new applications, business processes and rules when required.


Comprehensive collection of SOAP-based (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services utilized to enable cloud or on-premise systems to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite.


Point-and-click core application; configures capabilities, substantially reducing application development and deployment time.


Delivers click, not-code workflow management to better automate and streamline business processes.


Built-in ad hoc reporting, real-time dashboards, and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) access across NetSuite.

SuiteCloud IDE

Eclipse-based integrated development environment; built to enable SuiteApp functionality to be built on top of NetSuite infrastructure.

The Executive ERP Evaluation & Investment Roadmap

With so many solutions to consider, you need a roadmap to evaluate your ERP investment.

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The Cost Comparison

Among the substantial benefits of migrating to a cloud-based SaaS versus on-premise ERP is the substantial financial savings. By some estimates, hidden costs relating to on-premise software upgrades, data security needs, maintenance downtime, hardware upgrades, customizations and manual updates relating to software upgrades, integration support and ongoing IT staff maintenance can more than double your total.

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