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Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting

Unlock Your Big Data To Gain Unparalleled Insight

You need the right information at your fingertips to make informed decisions. Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions from Business Solution Partners combine technology with process transformation to bring your companies data to light. From customized ERP dashboards to deep analytics interpretation, our team can empower your team with the ability to identify, track and respond to your Key Performance Indicators.

Baseball, BI, & NetSuite

Like a live baseball broadcast, NetSuite role-based dashboards show key information, such as KPIs and trends in context - without business users needing to rely on experts or move between different systems.

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Informed Decision Making

Know how your business is performing in real time to take action faster, make smarter decisions and have a greater impact. 

With Business Intelligence and Reporting, your company can realize significant benefits: 

  • Real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions.
  • Summary To Transaction Level Reporting
  • A Single Source of Data Truth For All Reporting and Integration Needs
  • Personalized Experiences - Dashboards, Custom Reporting
  • Self-Service - No Programming or Technical Resources Required
  • On The Go Access Via Mobile Web.

Business Solution Partners has been working with Big Data for over three decades, providing the right technology, guidance and training to enable business leaders with powerful insights.

Our team can help you identify KPIs specific to job rolls within your organization, and provide company leadership, management and line employees with access to the right types of data for their specific needs.

Move your Business Forward with BI & Reporting Solutions
From Business Solution Partners


NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

It can be quite challenging to get an accurate view of your business. Vital information is disbursed across multiple systems, and manual data management processes are error prone and time consuming. Effective decision making is crippled without reliable and timely data.

NetSuite Business Intelligence provides the power of built-in, real-time dashboards, reporting and analysis across all the integrated processes within the software suite. Realizing true value-added insights, business users gain real-time visibility to identify issues, trends and opportunities and instantly drill down to the underlying transaction to take action. 



We help businesses transition into lean, efficient profit generating machines through a skillfully developed mix of Process Consulting, Software Implementations, Systems Integrations, Customization, Data Migration & Skills Training - with a focus on executive leadership development and consulting.

Engage with Business Solution Partners, and our Executive Solutions Team will put your business under a microscope to diagnose areas where efficiencies can lead to greater margin. Let us pair your company with an ERP solution, and supporting apps and integrations that will meet the ever increasing demands of your modern global consumer.

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