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Executive ERP Evaluation & Investment Roadmap For The Modern Business

With So Many Solutions To Consider, You Need A Roadmap To Evaluate Your ERP Investment.

This guide, developed by NetSuite, is designed to help you and your team make the right decisions about your software stack.

The right ERP System, implemented efficiently and built to enable your business strategy can:

  • Create A Happier Work Environment
  • Improve Profit Margins
  • Increase Revenue
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Beyond Number Crunching: Six Best Practices of Top Controllers

Controllers today face some big challenges. And those added responsibilities you’ve assumed? Chances are, they didn’t come with added resources.

Your outdated, disparate financial systems can’t provide you with the real-time information your organization needs to adapt quickly to market changes. Your reporting systems also need to evolve. It’s not enough to provide pages of numbers. In addition to accurately stating your consolidated results, your reports must tell a story.

The good news is that many controllers have successfully met these challenges, and in the process, have made themselves strategic business partners to the rest of the organization. In this whitepaper, we look at the six best practices that today’s best-in-class controllers follow.

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Achieving Maximum Cash Visibility: A Best Practice Guide

Innovative treasurers continue to strive for improvement. They employ modern technology to streamline internal processes, minimizing financial costs for external borrowing and overdrafts.

They  optimize returns on surplus cash, with direct and indirect impact on the creditworthiness of the enterprise and interest income/expense performance.

Learn how you can:

  • Modernize Your Approach To Treasury
  • Improve Your Organization's Cash Visibility
  • Make Informed Cash Deployment Decisions
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The Expert Guide To Better Transportation Management

With This Insightful E-Book, You Will Learn:

  • How To Recognize When It's Time To Improve Your Shipping & Logistics Management Process
  • What Factors To Consider When Making A Change
  • What Solutions Are Available
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The New Flavor of Food & Beverage Manufacturing

This 6 Minute Read outlines Why Food & Beverage Manufacturers Choose NetSuite - and addresses specific, shared pain points for Manufacturers like:

  • Technology Challenges for Food & Beverage
  • The Solution of Choice for Fast-Growing Companies
  • Cloud Based Applications Leveling The Playing Field
  • A Path To Sustainable, Profitable Growth

Ultimately, this Whitepaper seeks to address the question "Will my Food & Beverage Manufacturing Company Run Better In The Cloud?"

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Sales & Use Tax Compliance For Dummies

This book is aimed at financial management professionals who want to explore ways to comply with sales and use tax regulations.

Use the information in this book to learn about Nexus (the obligation to collect and remit tax).

Examine the sales and use tax landscape in today’s economy, how well your business complies with sales and use tax regulatory requirements, and how to avoid sales and use tax audits, which can be far more costly than you may expect.

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Evolution of a Business System Hairball and How To Avoid It

This 6 Minute Read outlines How disparate business systems can cause unnecessary complexities for corporations and how your team can streamline operations with an integrated cloud-based ERP.

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The CFO's Guide To Reducing The Risk of Fraud

This eBook was designed to help CFO's identify the risk of fraud, it's origins, and to provide solutions to mitigate this risk through Corporate Culture and Risk Management Exercises. The handy "Fraud Prevention Checklist" towards the end of the presentation, gives CFO's actionable information to help reduce the exposure to fraud.

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The Money Story: Overcoming The Seven Barriers To Business Success

This 13 Minute Read - Overcoming The Seven Barriers To Business Success - asks the question "Can You Tell Your Companies Real Money Story?"

This whitepaper explores the Seven Barriers To Business Success:

  • The Hairball
  • Waiting For Real-Time Information
  • Billing & Rev Rec: Necessary Bedfellows
  • Upgrades Equal Downgrades
  • Where's The Money?
  • Uncoupled Product and Service
  • Misalignment of Strategy and Execution
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The Finance Dilemma: Rising Expectations, Diminishing Returns

Firms specializing in Financial Services are laser-focused on the challenges of competing in fast-changing, competitive markets. Executives and Managers at these organizations are expected to supply visibility into financial performance and help to shape strategic direction.

This Fourteen (14) Minute Read Covers:

  • Top Pressures Facing Finance Executives
  • Opportunities For High-Impact Improvement
  • Inflexible Legacy Financial Software
  • Limited Automation In Key Financial Processes
  • Characteristics of the Ideal Financial Management Solution
  • Benefits of Cloud-Based Financial Management
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