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Connect your NetSuite ERP to the HubSpot Platform to unlock the full potential of your customer data.
Align and Empower your Sales & Marketing teams with new data insights to close more deals.

SuiteSpot Solo


  • * $1500 Installation & Set-Up Fee
  • Instant HubSpot Field Availability
  • Intuitive NetSuite Administration
  • Video Walk-Through / Support
  • No-Code Required
  • Built For NetSuite Admins
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SuiteSpot Supported


  • * $3500 Set-Up & Consulting Fee
  • Complete Connection Consulting
  • White-Glove Connection Mapping
  • Coast-2-Coast Phone Support
  • No-Code Required
  • Perfect For Small Teams / NetSuite Novices
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SuiteSpot Custom


  • * T&E Billing At A Great Rate
  • Gain New Customer Insights
  • Advanced Marketing Segmentation
  • Create Custom Analytics Fields
  • Advanced NetSuite Customizations
  • Unlock The Power Of Your Data
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Why Choose Our Integration?

There Are Many Solutions For Connecting HubSpot & NetSuite, But We Believe That Ours Stands Above The Rest

We built the SuiteSpot Integration from the ground up inside of NetSuite, leveraging over 15 years of NetSuite Admin experience to create a "native" integration that communicates directly with the HubSpot API. You no longer have to pass your critical data through third party integration platforms that potentially expose your critical company information to data corruption and security risks.

SuiteSpot operates like a SuiteApp (we're still working on getting official status), and is a dream for both NetSuite Admins and the HubSpot teams that must work together to realize the potential of synced and shared data. As soon as you install and turn on the integration, every field in HubSpot becomes immediately available in NetSuite to map, and determine sync status, direction, and governing rules.


You can easily select how you want the information to be shared:

  • One-Way or Bi-Directional
  • Variable Sync Timing based on Lead Score or Custom Criteria
  • Connectivity with Contacts Records, Company Records and Deal Records
  • Create Custom Reports In NetSuite and Share Data Back To HubSpot
  • Currently Expanding Functionality To Newly Released HubSpot APIs

But the potential for the connector doesn't stop at simple... We've built in powerful customizations that enable complete administrative control over your API usage, sync rules and update timing. And Business Solution Partners continues to push forward with new functionality as HubSpot opens more APIs to share more critical insights between Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and your entire organization.


We Use It. Our Best Customers Use It.
You Should Be Using SuiteSpot Too!

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Your Netsuite To HubSpot Integration Solution Awaits!

We're standing by to help you unlock the power of HubSpot and NetSuite with the leading integration on the marketplace.

Built by NetSuite Admins for NetSuite Admins, you can realize the benefits of a simple, secure and preferred method for syncing data between your critical NetSuite ERP and the HubSpot Growth Stack.