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AP Automation Reduces Paper, Manual Processes, Late Payments, Missing Invoices and Painful Audits.

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What Is AP Automation?

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation is your bridge from the past to the future. Automation reduces the paper in the AP process.

Reducing paper is not just about going green! When you say goodbye to outdated, manual and wasteful processes - fraud, late payments, missing invoices, disorganization and painful audits become a thing of the past.

Your future is 24/7 access to your data from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, secure invoice and payment information living in the cloud, and a streamlined process that allows you to shift your focus to the things that matter most.

"My personal reason to automate was going green, but my motivation for our company was to have all of our information in one place. We have 10 different accounting systems that we have our financial information in, so having everything in one place is absolutely invaluable, especially during and audit."Director of Cash Management, National Development

The Complete Solution for AP & Payment Automation

Cross The Bridge From The Past To The Future with AP Automation from AvidXchange

See how all of AvidXchange's software and services work together to create a great user experience.

Purchase Order Application

View purchase orders electronically, match the PO to the invoice, approve POs and allign Line Items and Coding with final invoices. Once the PO is approved, line items and coding are matched to the invoice.

Bill Services

Suppliers can submit all of their invoices through a variety of methods to be electronically delivered to you. Manual data entry is a thing of the past...

Invoice Application

Designed to mimic your current approval processes and workflows, the Invoice Application reduces paperwork while providing an always accessable, central repository for invoice data.

Payment Application

The Payment Application enables companies to pay suppliers electronically, while maintaining all existing banking relationships and approval workflows.

Pay Services

AvidXchange can facilitate 100% of your supplier payments. AvidXchange's team of over 200 employees are dedicated to providing a great experience for suppliers by paying them how they want to be paid through the AvidXchange Payment Network. 

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  • AvidXchange Integrates With Over 100 of the Worlds Most Popular Accounting Systems
  • Eliminate Errors, Missing Invoices, Fraud, Manual Processes and a Pile of Paperwork.
  • AvidXchange is Cloud-Based, Mobile and Global.
  • Business Solution Partners is your Integration partner. We work with companies to ensure that their chosen software solutions work seamlessly with existing business processes and software.