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    Cloud-based Unified ERP, CRM & Ecommerce

    NetSuite is the leading online business application that supports your entire company — from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to web capabilities. As one integrated system for managing your entire business, NetSuite offers everything you need for increased business success — and from a single, integrated and powerful solution. Fast to deploy, easy to use and flexible enough to support all your business processes, NetSuite enables you to make better, faster decisions through real-time business intelligence.

    At Business Solution Partners, we have vast experience implementing NetSuite solutions for our clients. Ideally suited for e-commerce storefronts, NetSuite allows you to build your business online and start selling quickly and easily. Business Solution Partners has built many successful e-commerce websites using NetSuite. Whether you sell business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) or both, NetSuite lets you run your entire e-commerce business more profitably and efficiently.

    With NetSuite your organization can:

    • Unify business processes across the enterprise. With a single, integrated platform for CRM, accounting/ERP and e-commerce, you can automate key business functions across all departments, including sales, marketing, service, finance, inventory, order fulfillment, purchasing and employee management. Your employees no longer have to re-enter data in different systems, rectify inconsistent or inaccurate data or wait for batch updates. Instead, all your employees view and share accurate data in real time, leading to greater collaboration among departments and increased productivity across your business.
    • Increase visibility for better decision making. Customizable dashboards offer real-time access to key performance metrics, allowing you to make intelligent, timely business decisions. In addition, full visibility into unified customer records results in more efficient and highly personalized sales, fulfillment and service processes.
    • Extend processes to customers, suppliers and partners. Given today’s need to work closely with partners through an extended enterprise, NetSuite offers self-service portals that enhance both B2B and B2C collaboration. In addition, proactive notification of partner-specific events accelerates process cycles and improves responsiveness, ensuring your position as a preferred partner.
    • Get superior value with an affordable solution. Built from the ground up for growing and midsize businesses, NetSuite offers affordable pricing, accelerated implementation and comprehensive support packages that results in a superior TCO.
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