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    To Increase Customer Marketing

    Your customer data is the cornerstone of your business. We provide sales, service, marketing and business process analysis services to help you get the most from your customer data and customer relationship management (CRM) system. We can implement, configure and customize CRM and marketing software to your individual requirements. This includes profiling customers and extending your data to capture a 360-degree customer view, including activity and custom data elements to individualize the software to your business needs.

    We also provide sales methodology consulting services to incorporate your sales methodology into a CRM system, provide user training on the system and help your company build its sales team for improved sales results.

    To help increase your business results we can help you migrate from previous-generation CRM systems, such as GoldMine, ACT, Excel or, or convert data from other applications into your current CRM system. We also have significant experience in deploying fully integrated ERP, CRM, marketing and e-commerce systems using the industry standard tools.

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