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How Sales Metrics Drive Revenue Forecasts

on Aug 6, 2015 8:30:00 AM By | Martin Begley | 0 Comments | Business Intelligence & Analytics CPM Strategy Tips & Tricks
Revenue forecasts can be very difficult to project unless sales management puts in place a process to measure and evaluate their sales team’s performance.  There are many sales metrics that can be used to assist the sales leader so he must select the ones that most effectively provide the information needed to manage and motivate the team.
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Continuous Planning Tools Improves Corporate Performance

The role of the CFO and finance department is changing.  No longer are they expected to be tacticians that spend all their time crunching numbers and providing reports.  They are now expected to be part of the analysis and decision making teams.  The new CFO is a change agent in the organization working with leadership to drive the business forward. 
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5 Keys to a Successful CPM Strategy

Are you meeting your business performance goals?  Do you have defined business goals?  Most business leaders will say they do have goals and that they are defined in the firm’s budget and forecast. 
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