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TED Tuesdays: How to Get Serious About Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

on Dec 25, 2018 11:15:00 AM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | TED Tuesdays
"Diversity and inclusion are not the same things. Diversity is a numbers game. Inclusion is about impact. Companies can mandate diversity, but they have to cultivate inclusion."  Speechwriter, Janet Stovall in this Ted Talk inspires individuals, employees, and bosses to work together to eliminate and dismantle corporate racism. This ted talk explores Stovall's strategy and identifies strategies to kick-start diversity initiatives in your workplace. 
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TED Tuesdays: How to Train Employees To Have Difficult Conversations

on Dec 4, 2018 11:03:00 AM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | TED Tuesdays
"Always Let People Know Why Their Work Matters" Performer and Mentor Tamekia MizLadi Smith in this Ted Talk explores the importance of training employees to equip them with a toolbox that will empower and allow employees to collect correct and relevant data, while also inspiring bosses and employees to communicate with compassion and respect. 
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TED Tuesdays: A Healthy Economy Should Be Designed To Thrive, Not Grow

on Nov 13, 2018 9:25:00 AM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | TED Tuesdays
"I am a renegade economist, dedicated to the rewriting economics so that it is fit for tackling the 21st century's grand challenge of meeting the needs of all people within the means of the planet" Oxford Economist Kate Raworth in this Ted Talk explains how we can move countries out of the whole, where people are falling short on life's essential, and create regenerative, distributive economies that work within the planet's ecological limits. 
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Validating Your ERP: What is Required & Recommended For Medical Device Manufacturers?

Medical Device Manufacturers know... All processes associated with designing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storing, installing, or servicing a finished device intended for human use must be validated.
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TED Tuesdays: How To Get Empowered, Not Overpowered, By AI

on Oct 23, 2018 8:03:00 AM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | TED Tuesdays
"The technology we're developing has the potential to help life flourish like never before, not just for centuries but for billions of years" - Max Tegmark Scientist and Author Max Tegmark argues in this Ted Talk that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change life for the better. Tegmark also argues, that as a society, we should take concrete steps to ensure that (AI) ends up being the best, rather than the worst thing to ever happen to humanity. Tegmark also debunks the myths of AI, and outlines both the truths and lies of artificial intelligence. 
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What is the Role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Quality Management Systems (QMS)?

on Oct 18, 2018 2:24:35 PM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Companies in the Medical Device field rely heavily on the accuracy, consistency and transparency of the Quality Division. This vital department is not just responsible for regulatory compliance; the QA team must support the entire product lifecycle. From the acceptance of raw materials to the handling of returns - the Quality team is interwoven into every aspect of the medical device companies' organizational structure. So how does this vital team manage a monumental QA task load? 
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Which Version of Oracle NetSuite Should I Consider?

on Oct 4, 2018 1:49:52 PM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
To decide which version of NetSuite is best suited for your company, there are several factors to consider... Here are three critical questions you should be asking in your NetSuite ERP Evaluation.
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TED Tuesdays: Why the Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals

on Oct 2, 2018 2:16:53 PM By | Business Solution Partners | 0 Comments | TED Tuesdays
"We're at a critical moment. Our leaders, some of our great institutions are failing us. Why? In some cases, it's because they're bad or unethical, but often, they've taken us to the wrong objectives... How are were going to choose these wrongs?" - John Doerr   Venture Capitalist and Engineer John Doerr argues in this Ted Talk that in order for our institutions and leaders to change, they need to set Objective Key Results (OKRs) that combine both purpose and passion.  Doerr believes that OKRs cultivate the madness, and the magic is right around the corner for change in ourselves, our families, our school and our government. Are you prepared to set objective goals that include both passion and purpose to make a positive change?    Listen to this engaging TED Talk, recording in April 2018,  to hear Doerr's compelling argument settings goals that have both a purpose and passion to inspire success and positive change. 
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