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NetSuite Assessment

Maximize your NetSuite Investment with a
Comprehensive Analysis of your NetSuite Deployment

Ideal for Rescue, Recovery or Revitalization of NetSuite
Implementation Projects by a team of NetSuite Experts


BSP_GearCheck_150px  Review of, and alignment with, your executive team's key business objectives.

BSP_GearCheck_150px  Includes both Strategic & Technical Analysis and a Written Deliverable.


BSP_GearCheck_150px  Identification of Bottlenecks, Manual Processes and Pain Points that hinder progress towards objectives.

BSP_GearCheck_150px  Review of Order-to-Cash, Procure-to Pay, Record-to-Report, Inventory Management and other key processes.

BSP_GearCheck_150px  Detailed Recommendations on how to Move Forward with a quote for Professional Services.

NetSuite Standard Functionality

Fixed Fee

Modules Included:
  • Financials
  • Fixed Assets
  • Order Management
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Sales Force Automation
  • SuiteCommerce Standard
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service / Case Management
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Add-On Modules
& Custom Functionality

$1500 Per Additional Module, or $3500 for 3+ Modules

Additional Modules Include any of the Following:
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Manufacturing WIP & Routing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Project Management
  • Native & 3rd Party Integrations
  • Custom Developement
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BSP's expert advisory team is comprised of Certified NetSuite Consultants, CPAs, Accountants and Project Management. Each team member working on your project will have at least five years of functional consulting experience in the NetSuite environment. Our dedicated team will discover how you can better utilize NetSuite.



*BSP Assessment Packages are billed as a one-time project fee, and paid-in-full prior to the commencement of services. All services related to the assessment are delivered remotely. Assessment culminates in a comprehensive written report outlining issues with administrative deployment, strategic processes, accounting processes and detailing areas for improvement.

Assessment is not intended to fix the issues identified. Post-Assessment, Business Solution Partners will provide the client with a detailed plan of action to address the recommendations contained in the audit, as well as a quote for the professional services necessary to address the recommendations provided. Client is under no obligation to act upon the recommendations, or to utilize Business Solution Partners' Professional Services team to address the recommendations.

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Rapid Relief for your NetSuite needs is just a click away.

Want to use more of what you own? We're standing by to help you unlock the power of NetSuite with the best support and advisory team in the industry. 

Maximize your investment in NetSuite by ensuring that your team is set up for success today, and is planning for a bright tomorrow.

Act now to leverage a team of experienced BSP NetSuite Consultants who understand your business. 

Why Assess The Health of Your NetSuite Deployment?

Key Employee Turnover | New Business Directives | Failed Implementation
Process Bottlenecks | Decreased Productivity | Poor Utilization Rates


Business Decision Support

When all your systems are working correctly, you can trust in the data. Better data leads to better decision making. 

For customers with a failed NetSuite Implementation, we recommend a complete NetSuite Assessment to identify areas where process and procedure are misaligned.


Maximize Utilitzation

Low Utilization Rates are the ROI killer. When your team is not taking advantage of the tools at their disposal, or leveraging disconnected solutions that add administrative burden, efficiency suffers.

BSP's NetSuite Assessment Team can help your organization realize a greater return on investment with a thorough examination of your NetSuite deployment, as well as the tools and processes your employees use the most. We've helped hundreds of companies find efficiencies, leverage automation and discover new modules that make work-life easier for NetSuite end users.


Reduce Risk

Leaky Processes increase the risk of lost opportunity, and real margin. Wherever errors arise - in accounting, inventory, logistics or your customer facing teams - they can be costly.

Ensuring that your systems are running as intended reduces the risk that you are shedding margin due to inefficiencies, manual processes or employee error.

BSP is constantly engaged in helping NetSuite customers maximize the value of their investment.

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