NetSuite Development

Go beyond NetSuite needs - it's time you satisfied your NetSuite wants. Tackle complex customization and development with BSP Managed Service to make NetSuite work better for your unique business.

Managed Service a stand-alone offering of bundled, discounted professional services time that can be used for the customization of your NetSuite portal, including projects that require development resources. Combined with Dedicated Support, BSPMS delivers the ultimate flexibility for your growing NetSuite needs, and peace of mind for your team.
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Managed Service - Solve for your complex NetSuite Needs with Minimum Commitment and Flexible Terms

BSPMS services include customizations, integrations, new module setup, complex report, saved search, workflow and form creation, end user and administrative training, new release testing, etc. – anything you need to make your NetSuite instance sizzle with efficiencies! Hours can even be used for SuiteScripting and Custom Application Development projects under 40 hours.

Work with a consistent team of NetSuite expert consultants for more efficient consumption of your hours, and better use of your time and resources. They will get to know your business over time, so you don’t have to start from scratch for each project.

  • Add between 7 and 25 hours per month at the highest level of managed service available.
  • Time rolls over month-to-month, but must be used within the contracted year.
  • Discounts available for 2 and 3-Year Contracts.
  • A BSP Support Plan is not a requirement to purchase Managed Service.
  • Number of BSPMS Hours can be increased at any time.
  • Explore MS Unlimited: Enhance Support & Administrative Services with Unlimited Hours
  • Any scoped projects that require more than 40 hours of work require a scoped T&M project or MS Unlimited Service contract.

Our Support Matrix

Your Guide To Exactly What Services Are Included With Dedicated Support Tiers
and how BSP Managed Service Can Turbocharge Your Support Engine

Advise Enhance BSP Managed Service
Support Services
Support of Existing Implemented Features
Standard Report Customization Help
Standard Report Creation
Complex Report Creation & Customization
Requiring Scripting, SQL, Complex Formulas, Advanced PDFs
Saved Search Help
Saved Search Creation
Complex Saved Search Creation
Requiring Scripting, SQL, Complex Formulas, Advanced PDFs
Dashboard Help
For Pre-Existing Dashboards
Form Customization Support
For Pre-Existing Forms That May Be Broken Or Need Adjustments
Custom Form Creation
Not Including Forms Requiring Custom Scripting
Complex Form Creation
Including forms that require custom scripting
Custom Field Support
Complex Field Creation
Including fields that require custom scripting
Workflow Support
Pre-Existing Workflows, No Scripting
Workflow Creation
Not Including Workflows Requiring Custom Scripting
Complex Workflow Creation
Including workflows that require custom scripting
User Creation & Access Provisioning
Role Permission Support
Role Permission Administration
Annual Customer Engagement Session
A $2000 Value!
Semi-Annual Customer Engagement Session
A $4000 Value!
New Release Testing
With Client Provided Template & Test List
Implementation of New Modules or Features
Strategic NetSuite Consulting
Custom Application Support
Including Scripting, Integration or Software Development
End User Training
Admin Training

*BSP Support Packages are billed monthly. Advise and Enhance Dedicated Support pricing is dependent upon your Total Annual NetSuite License Expenditure (AAR), as calculated by tier. Minimum monthly rate shall be $600. BSP Managed Service is sold at fixed rates.  Minimum monthly hours shall be seven. Support available 9:00am - 5:00pm North American Hours (i.e. we're open 9-5 on the East Coast and West Coast)


†Guaranteed Support - Business Solution Partners guarantees same-day response to any support request received before 3pm EST. Support requests received after 3pm EST are guaranteed a next day response. Advise and Enhance tiers guarantee access for two (2) client employees to utilize the resources of a dedicated BSP Support Team member. Dedicated Support & Administrative Services do not include SuiteScripting or Custom Application Development. SuiteScripting and Custom Application Development projects that are scoped at less than 40 hours are eligible for BSPMS hours.

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Maximize Your NetSuite Investment

Comprehensive analysis and advice from a team of seasoned NetSuite experts who have audited hundreds of deplyoments.


Advise or Enhance Subscriptions

Unlock the potential of your NetSuite system with unlimited, same-day∗ NetSuite Support from our experienced consultants.


Time & Material and/or
Fixed-Fee Projects

Engage our Professional Services team for either Fixed-Fee or Time & Material projects that are expected to take > 40 hours.