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Posted by Business Solution Partners | May 26, 2020 11:10:06 AM

Webinar: The Three C's of Active Planning with Adaptive Insights Part II - Comprehensive


Active Planning allows organizations to be fluid and agile - making critical business decisions based on accurate and timely financial information. In "Comprehensive". Part 2 of the 3 - Part Series as we explore how to Integrate, Plan, Report and Analyze your data in one POWERFUL solution. 

CPAS can also attend and earn one CPE Credit! 

Tune Into This Educational Webinar To: 

  • Integrate various sources into Adaptive Insights to view and analyze financial and operational data. 
  • Use "Sheets" to develop plans, forecasts & what if scenarios at various levels of granularity. 
  • Create HTML reports using Drag & Drop functionality to easily slice & dice and consolidate your data. 
  • Build board presentation quality reports in Excel, Word and PowerPoint with Office Connect. 
  • View and Analyze budget changes at a glance with Active Dashboards. 

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