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Software Publisher or SaaS Certified Partner: Who Should Your Company Turn To?

Written by Craig Cook | Nov 1, 2018 1:50:00 PM

Just a decade ago, companies depended on packaged software with huge, intimidating, training manuals tucked away in boxes. The bigger the business, the more training manuals and software they’d have.

While the business landscape has changed dramatically, companies still depend on software to get things done, only now you won’t find their storage space shelves filled with CD’s, manuals and data.

With the advent of cloud, businesses are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) to quench their software needs—to no longer have their operations rely on legacy systems, to have access to data anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, to enjoy financial savings.


38% of US business started embracing a SaaS-exclusive workplace in 2018, compared to just 17% in 2016, and the SaaS public market is estimated to reach $76 billion by 2020.

But change is difficult, and with complicated SaaS platforms comes the need to guide the customers through adoption and integration of the new promised solution.

Many SaaS companies often can’t provide the kind of one-on-one training to each of their enterprise clients—this is where partners come into play.

Software Publisher or SaaS Certified Partners: Who should you turn to?

Many SaaS apps are hyper verticalized around general categories like banking, education, retail and medicine. Many SaaS publishers are even serving subsets within these broader verticals.

But who does a company turn to when they're in need of help? Since SaaS publishers have the upper hand in knowing exactly how their software works, it's only natural for clients to turn to a platform provider when seeking solutions.

If you want help on how software works, and an explanation on what features and benefits the SaaS can offer you, the software publisher is a great asset for that information.

But, what they lack is the intimate knowledge of the immediate impact of their SaaS on your business. This becomes even more complicated if your business is using multiple SaaS vendors to fulfill different needs.

"SaaS Certified Partners can give you a competitive edge here because they provide SaaS solutions that range from selling licenses and implementing software to integrating disperate systems and developing custom solutions based on your specific vertical and business needs."

Partner expertise is delivered in the form of cutting-edge methodologies and insightful consultation services that helps you get the most out of the software, both directly and indirectly, i.e.: when combined with other SaaS apps which they often also hold expertise in.

Where SaaS publishers offer you a myopic solution, SaaS Certified Partners can provide you with integration and implementation services that puts your company at a competitive edge to succeed even within your vertical. They hold deep knowledge across a large breadth of SaaS products that enables them to provide you with a powerful solution that’s eclectic in nature and designed to sharpen your business processes for maximum benefits.

Look at it this way: A software publisher may solve your immediate problem like, “How do I get this to work?!?” But if your question is, “How do I get this to work and how do I make the most out of this?!?,” then you should turn to a SaaS Certified Partner because they will provide you with a holistic SaaS solution that you can leverage to scale your business—quickly.

A SaaS Certified Partner can have a transformational impact on your business’s overall approach to software, technology and process that Software Publishers just don’t have the expertise to provide.

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Written by Craig Cook

BSP's Chief Marketing Officer Craig Cook is passionate about educating business owners about NetSuite & HubSpot, and expanding on opportunities for users. He is an expert on deploying HubSpot with SuiteCommerce, unlocking the power of an integrated solution. Craig is the host of the New York, Northern California and Southern California NetSuite User Groups.

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