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Is Your Outdated CRM Costing You Money?

Written by David Smooha | Jan 15, 2015 5:00:00 AM

DSC03551-BWhen you’re managing inventory and distribution, you want to put your time and resources toward projects that directly add value, rather than dealing with the nuts and bolts of your distribution business software.

But there’s a problem: If you’re crossing your fingers and hoping your on-premises infrastructure doesn’t fall apart, you’re probably damaging your productivity, and almost certainly at risk for a costly system failure or losing critical business information.

Many organizations still use on-premises solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), but these systems tend to deteriorate over time. Such an ERP platform represents major investments in hardware and software, so it makes sense that some companies try to squeeze the maximum value from the system. To avoid spending money on upgrades or a new platform, some choose to cut corners by running older software or skipping an update when the change seems too minor to justify the cost.

And that’s where trying to manage your company’s aging infrastructure has a financial downside. If your ERP or customer relationship management (CRM) system is missing the latest updates, its useful performance declines, resulting in manual processes, unexpected hardware repair costs and downtime that damages your productivity. Before you know it, what should be the backbone of your operations is hurting your efficiency and costing you money.

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Written by David Smooha

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