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Which Version of Oracle NetSuite Should I Consider?

Which Version of Oracle NetSuite Should I Consider?

To decide which version of NetSuite is best suited for your company, there are several factors to consider... Here are three critical questions you should be asking in your NetSuite ERP Evaluation.


How many employees are in your company,
and how many will be NetSuite users?


NetSuite has four Editions that solve for businesses of every size. The number of employees in your organization, and more importantly, the number of employees that will use NetSuite are critical factors in determining which deployment is right for your needs.

When assessing the number of NetSuite users in your organization, be sure to include oft-overlooked departments like human resources, customer service and marketing. NetSuite's core business functionality has tools and resources for more than just the finance and operations teams.

Limited Edition: for companies which have up to 50 employees (of which no more than 10 can be NetSuite users). Though limited in user seats, customers enjoy almost all of the same functionality that the larger editions offer.

Mid-Market Edition: for companies which have between 51-1,000 employees. The vast majority of NetSuite customers are utilizing the Mid-Market edition to grow and scale their businesses.

Enterprise Edition: is for companies with more than 1,000 employees. Enterprise not only accommodates larger teams and diverse organizational structures, but the Enterprise product has unique features enabling the seamless management of multi-location, multi-business unit and multi-national business all from one portal.

Well, that looks like three additions... What's the fourth?

The SuiteSuccess Edition is a complete program designed to take your business from 0-to-Cloud in 100 Days or less. SuiteSuccess is segmented into vertical deployments with pre-built dashboards and modules designed for specific business models. Currently, SuiteSuccess offers the following industry specialized editions:

Apparel & Footwear | Financials First | Food & Beverage | IT VAR | Manufacturing
Media & Entertainment | Non-Profit | Publishing | Retail | Software | Wholesale Distribution

In which industry vertical does
your company do business?

While no two businesses are exactly alike, vertically aligned businesses generally share similar characteristics. Years of industry specialized experience with vertically segmented customers has helped NetSuite develop a cadre of best practices specific to the needs of a diverse set of industries.

Beyond SuiteSuccess, NetSuite offers a wealth of vertical specific solutions. These include tools like customized manufacturing modules for Quality Assurance or add-on functionality designed to recognize Recurring Revenue for Software developers. Presently, if your business is in one of the following industries, NetSuite has developed unique products for your particular needs:

  • BSP_Blog_ButterflyAdvertising & Media
  • Apparel, Footwear and Accessories
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofits
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Wholesale Distribution

The availability of these native products, and the ecosystem of 3rd Party products that carry the "Built For NetSuite" certification, ensures that your tech stack will be aligned, integrated and perform all the necessary business functions needed. With NetSuite at the core, providing a single source of truth, there is no limit to growth and scalability.


Do your needs require some customization
or are you good “off the rack?”

NetSuite offers powerful and effective ready made solutions. However, if your business requires a level of customization beyond the norm, NetSuite can easily accommodate. All four editions of NetSuite allow for customization.

Your needs for customization, and how they effect the Edition you select, are generally fleshed out during discovery calls - so be prepared to speak about your unique needs and don't be shy about identifying critical software and processes that must be incorporated with your overall ERP strategy.

This is also the factor that generally leads to a relationship with a SaaS Certified Partner like BSP, who are experts in custom development solutions, integrations and custom app development.

Business Solution Partners has the expertise to create customized solutions to any business need through the use of APIs and platform development. Whether it's integration to your CPM, or the passing of critical big data into your marketing automation platform, we've got the experience and expertise to ensure that your systems play well together.

Whether or not you're working with our team for your ERP upgrade / migration, please remember these three critical factors in determining the Edition of NetSuite that is right for your business.

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