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Do I Need Oracle NetSuite's SuiteSuccess Edition?

Do I Need Oracle NetSuite's SuiteSuccess Edition?

If quick implementation of a cloud-based ERP software program (in 100 days or less) is important to your organization, then a NetSuite SuiteSuccess Edition is a must! Regardless of the size of your business, saving time is saving money. This is where SuiteSuccess, and a team of SuiteSuccess Certified Partners shine.

There are sixteen unique SuiteSuccess editions covering a wide array of vertical specializations from Manufacturing to Software. Each industry focused deployment comes packaged with a suite of pre-configured modules, add-ons and dashboards with role specific workflows aligned to the best practices for your industry.

SuiteSuccess is more than just a bundle of products though. SuiteSuccess is also an implementation methodology, one that prioritized vital business activities in a staged deployment of ERP systems across the business.

The components most critical to your company go live first. By using pre-configured NetSuite dashboards, you can get key departments such as accounting and the warehouse up and running ASAP. Rapid implementation continues until all departments have been successfully onboarded.

A recent survey of SuiteSuccess customers has uncovered significant value for businesses that have undergone the transformational ERP migration: 55% reduction in time to financial close; 60% improvement over invoice management, and 75% reduction in the time to create vital reports.

Netsuite’s SuiteSuccess Edition Offers The Following Key Features:

  • Zero-To-Cloud in 100 Days or Less
  • 100% Cloud Based SaaS - Global Online Accessibility
  • Free Bi-Yearly Scheduled Updates
  • Intuitive Pre-Configured, Role Based Dashboards
  • An Extensive Library of Pre-Built Reports
  • Fiscal & Operational Visibility Into Every Department
  • An Global Marketplace of "Built For NetSuite" Apps
  • Third-party Seller Integrations
  • Helpful Pre-Configured User Roles
  • Global Business Management Capabilities
  • Customer Lifecycle Management Tools
  • E-Commerce Specific SuiteSuccess Edition

Should I Opt For SuiteSuccess or Oracle NetSuite's Mid-Market Edition?

The fact is there is a Mid-Market Edition of SuiteSuccess for almost every vertical. And SuiteSuccess is the right fit for nearly 90% of NetSuite's customer base. Even complex organizations can benefit from the SuiteSuccess implementation model. 

While both editions are excellent choices, there are differences. The SuiteSuccess Edition emphasizes speed of implementation by using pre-configured NetSuite dashboards. The Mid-Market Edition allows for greater customization, but requires additional time to implement.

The best way to figure out which version of Oracle NetSuite is right for your organization is to start a conversation with our Oracle NetSuite Account Executives. We're hear to listen to your needs, and provide the right solution for your scaling business. Click here to get started today!


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