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Posted by FullQuota Editor | Dec 17, 2013 12:00:02 AM

What Kind Of ROI Can Cloud ERP Solutions Deliver?

Distributors and manufacturers moving to the cloud for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can expect to double their revenue, according to a study by IBM.

“In the global survey of over 800 business decision-makers and users, IBM found that leading organizations are moving to the cloud to move away from their competitors in a crowded space,” according to an article from Cloud Tech News.

Most companies have trouble integrating accounting with other processes like e-commerce, order management, customer relationship management, reporting and more. Companies that implement cloud ERP solutions will find they have a competitive edge. Flexibility and scalability are greatly increased through cloud infrastructure.

The problems of integrating several disparate systems using different databases are all too common by now. Siloed data and redundant data entry create widespread inefficiency and confusion within organizations. Cloud ERP solutions allow distributors to house all of their data in one system so it can be accessed by every line of business.

“Cloud as an enabling technology cannot be understated, and this research particularly notes it. As well as providing the architecture to enable greater workplace efficiency, the report also mentions a ‘majority’ of companies [that] are using cloud to tie up mobile, social, analytics and Big Data operations,” the article states.

This does not only apply to enterprise-level computing. Traditional ERP systems were built to fit large businesses on a large scale. Cloud ERP solutions enable small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to enjoy a level of collaboration and efficiency never before experienced. They no longer have to purchase and implement modules they don’t need for processes they don’t have. SMBs can buy what they need when they need it while remaining confident in the integration of each part into the whole.

It’s so important in this competitive marketplace to avoid the drain on your bottom line caused by business process inefficiency and redundancy. With a properly implemented and innovative cloud ERP solution, business processes can be streamlined for SMBs like never before, and profits can increase as they should.

Source: Cloud Tech News, October 2013

Written by FullQuota Editor

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