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Posted by FullQuota Editor | Sep 17, 2013 1:00:45 AM

How Could Cloud Distribution Software Transform Your Business?

Cloud distribution software offers a slew of potential benefits to companies, whether they want to maintain operations or reshape their business.

One of the perks of the cloud is that it provides the ability to implement new strategies quickly. Whether they’re going after a new customer market or a new product line, distributors generally need IT solutions to help support that effort.

With on-premises solution, companies typically need to buy new servers and software, and have IT implement the infrastructure. It can be costly and time consuming. But with the cloud, distributors can more easily roll out an IT solution to support new business strategies. The lower cost of entry with the cloud also reduces the initial risk of implementing new strategies.

When businesses are considering or trying to enter a new market, they often want to test it by taking small steps at first. Cloud distribution software allows businesses to begin on a small scale and grow as their strategy starts to take off. They can also scale their IT infrastructure to support the growth.

So, how do you know whether your business might be a good candidate for the cloud? Here are three examples of organizations where it can improve operations.

  1. Businesses with multiple offices that want to implement corporate-wide solutions: Cloud distribution software makes it much easier to roll out a solution across several offices, entities or enterprises than if they’re all working on different systems.
  2. Companies with a lot of remote employees who need to access systems: The cloud offers an easy way to use technology and services from other locations.
  3. Organizations with a limited IT staff: A lot of businesses don’t have a large technology staff on payroll, nor do they want one. As a result, they can’t easily roll out on-premises solutions. Unless you’re an IT company, it probably makes more sense to use a cloud provider and devote more resources to what your business specializes in.

As the benefits become clear, more companies are taking advantage of cloud solutions, according to a post on the Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery blog. “[A] recent survey revealed unprecedented growth in the number of enterprises investing in cloud services, underscoring the value of backup and recovery solutions to [managed service providers] who want to make the most of a growing market,” the post explains.

One major concern companies cite about cloud computing is security, but it’s actually often riskier to manage your own on-premises solutions. That’s because many companies don’t manage a disaster-protection strategy or disaster-recovery strategy in a very thoughtful manner.

Cloud providers have strict disaster protection and recovery processes, policies and procedures. After all, security is critical to the success of their business. As a result, companies that use cloud providers reap the benefits without actually having to manage these strategies on their own.

As far as outside attacks go, cloud providers have encrypted connections and very tight security to protect data and access. Of course, you need to do your due diligence when selecting a provider. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the provider’s security methods.

In the end, cloud solutions can make it easier and less expensive for distributors to explore new markets, implement new solutions and support IT. As such, it’s worth looking into how cloud distribution software could benefit your business.

Written by FullQuota Editor

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