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SuiteSolutions Are Now Free!

SuiteSolutions Are Now Free!

Effective December 1, 2018, SuiteSolutions are now free, and will be included with all new Oracle NetSuite implementations.

What are SuiteSolutions you might ask? SuiteSolutions are a library of ready-to-launch enhancements to the core NetSuite product that address common business requirements across vertical markets.

These industry leading solution accelerators are designed by the NetSuite Professional Services team, and based on over two-decades of global NetSuite implementations.

Bottom line? SuiteSolutions will save your business time and money in the implementation process, or provide flexibility for existing NetSuite customers seeking to augment the functionality of the core product to meet scaling business needs.

SuiteSolutions offers a vast library of pre-built and pre-configured NetSuite applications to address common business requirements. By reducing both time-to-market and the costs of development, your company can achieve agility with fewer resources.

Here is a sampling of five of the FREE Oracle NetSuite SuiteSolution Modules that can accelerate your NetSuite Implementation:

Advanced Approvals

Provides a configurable framework to both define and apply approvals consistently across a wide range of transactions.

  • Can be configured with various approver types; Supervisor, Employee, Role, Department
  • Approval rule triggers based on the transaction amount.
  • Multiple levels of approval rules can be defined globally or specific to subsidiaries.
  • Capture a rejection reason.
  • Has the capacity to designate an alternate approver if assigned employee is unavailable.
  • The ability to both approve and reject multiple transactions using bulk approvals.
  • Approver receives email notifications with inline links to approve or reject.
  • Approval submission auto-notifications inform the requesting party of status via email.
  • Set Tolerance Limits for amount updates triggering approval re-initiation for exemptions.
  • Full transparency into approval transaction history.
  • Option of specifying “Super Approver” to manage exceptions.
  • Transactions imported via CSV automatically submitted for approval.

Consolidated Invoicing

Gives a business the ability to present a single consolidated invoice to the end consumer, with details across multiple invoices in a given period.

  • Flexible invoice layouts for both print and email options.
  • Invoices will be consolidated through an interactive user interface.
  • Invoices will automatically be consolidated using scheduling capacities.
  • Traceability of invoices are included in consolidation.
  • Ability to exclude customers and/or invoices from consolidation.
  • Payments can be applied by referencing a consolidated invoice.

Lot Traceability

This solution provides the ability to trace assembly lot items or component lot items to either the supplier or the customer.

  • Rapidly assess both the impact of recalls and quality issues.
  • Identify either finished goods or raw materials that include the defective product.
  • Trace Assembly Lot items or Component Lot items.
  • Trace to the supplier or the customer using backward and forward traces.
  • Search for all impacted transactions from one user interface.
  • Supported transactions include sales orders, purchase orders, fulfillments, inventory transfers and work orders.
  • Export and email search results. 

Periodic Inventory

Create standard journal entries to transfer the accounting impact of inventory transactions out of the inventory and COGS accounts to user defines accounts.

  • Set up user defined accounts for different combinations of books and subsidiaries.
  • Create background journal entries by a scheduled script based on the accounts defined.
  • Comes with a custom PI Accountant Role made for ease of use of the solution.
  • Four custom reports are included in the solution:
    • Journals Created Today
    • Journals Not Needed for Transactions Created Today
    • Error Report
    • Modified Transactions

Credit Card Reauthorization

Maintains valid authorizations when backorders or custom orders extend beyond the authorization period. Also checks for valid authorization before the order ships.

  • Has the ability to identify Sales Orders that require either authorization or reauthorization.
  • Configurable to define reauthorization business rules as needed.
  • Reauthorizations are triggered by using a scheduled script.
  • A warning message is displayed at the time of fulfillment whenever the sales order does not have a valid authorization.

This is just a small sample of over thirty available SuiteSolutions. We highly recommend you visit this page on our website to review all of the Oracle NetSuite SuiteSolutions available for your business.



Want to learn more about how Business Solution Partners can help your company implement these FREE SuiteSolutions with expert and affordable professional services? Contact us today to accelerate your scaling business with the right combination of Oracle NetSuite's SuiteSolutions.

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