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Posted by Wing Chan | Feb 9, 2021 3:44:04 PM

Get Your NetSuite Release Preview Account Today

Like clockwork, NetSuite rolls out bi-yearly updates to the entire platform. Adherence to a steadfast and predictable timetable is a welcome reprieve from the "always in beta" world of other SaaS publishers. NetSuite understands that users demand new and better features, and measure the need for progress against the assurance against business interruption.

But updates of any type, on any SaaS platform, can effect your deployment - especially if your business relies on a significant amount of customizations, integrations and/or scripting. That is why in addition to a regular release schedule, NetSuite provides users with early access to all releases. 

NetSuite Release Preview Accounts are designed to help customers acclimate to new features and verify that all business processes and workflows continue to perform as required. We strongly encourage our customers, and the NetSuite community at large, to take advantage of these free resources. Here's how:

NetSuite Admins can navigate to Setup > Company > Release Preview and select Request Release Preview.

This request does not grant you immediate access to the Release Preview Account. It will take 3-5 business days for NetSuite to process your request and partition your NetSuite Release Preview Account. The requesting admin will receive an email alerting them that the account is ready to use.

Check the New Release Portlet on your NetSuite Dashboard for the following release information:

  • New Release Highlights
  • New Release Notes
  • New Release Preview Information
  • Test Plan Template
  • Your Production Upgrade Date
  • Training Resources

Once you have access to the NetSuite Release Preview Account, you're going to want your team to review the highlights and update notes, paying particular attention to anything that they feel might affect the processes and workflows the rely on.

Admins and devs should run through a checklist of the most critical customizations and integrations to ensure the status quo, and identify any problem areas early, so that solutions can be deployed. 

Finally, all users should have a chance to "kick the tires" prior to any release so they feel comfortable on your companies Production Upgrade Date.

If you would like assistance requesting your NetSuite Release Preview Account or have any additional NetSuite questions, please let me know!

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Written by Wing Chan

Wing serves as a NetSuite Account Manager and Account Executive for a wide range of SaaS products that support our NetSuite user's needs. Ask him how you can get more out of the NetSuite experience with modules, bundles, and third-party applications built to work with NetSuite.

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