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Wing serves as a NetSuite Account Manager and Account Executive for a wide range of SaaS products that support our NetSuite user's needs. Ask him how you can get more out of the NetSuite experience with modules, bundles, and third-party applications built to work with NetSuite.

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Get Your NetSuite Release Preview Account Today

on Feb 9, 2021 3:44:04 PM By | Wing Chan | 0 Comments | NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Blog Posts
Like clockwork, NetSuite rolls out bi-yearly updates to the entire platform. Adherence to a steadfast and predictable timetable is a welcome reprieve from the "always in beta" world of other SaaS publishers. NetSuite understands that users demand new and better features, and measure the need for progress against the assurance against business interruption. But updates of any type, on any SaaS platform, can effect your deployment - especially if your business relies on a significant amount of customizations, integrations and/or scripting. That is why in addition to a regular release schedule, NetSuite provides users with early access to all releases. 
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