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Posted by Shasta Hague | Apr 2, 2020 11:56:38 AM

NetSuite's Advanced Partner Center (APC)

Partners are an integral part of business that help to market, sell or support your products. Using the Partner Center inside your NetSuite instance is one way you can give your partners self-service access to the information, processes and reports that will ensure a successful partnership.

With this role your partners can see key information such as Sales and Commission Reports on a day to day basis instead of waiting for monthly updates.

But what is the Advanced Partner Center(APC) and why would I want to pay more for it?

APC gives your partners the capability to truly utilize all that NetSuite has to offer and represent your company to the fullest capability. The partner can now place orders, create leads, check inventory stock, even monitor and respond to support cases.

There is nothing special to integrate to have these abilities. You simply grant your partners the advanced partner role and they can use all the CRM and ERP functionality desired within the system Simple things such as adding Customers and Contacts.

You can create Calendar Items, Tasks, Events within Netsuite and include your partners. It gives you deeper visibility as Netsuite can track their phone calls and allow your partners to take notes as well as create custom email templates for your different promotions. Then the partner can monitor the promotional campaign for its success, and even gives them the ability to customize reports to view just the information they need.

Here is a list of the different permissions between NetSuite's Partner Center and the APC:

  Partner Center Advanced Partner Center
Lists Competitors, Customers, Jobs, Promotions Calendar, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Email Templates, Events, Notes, Phone Calls, Tasks, Track Messages
Reports Sales by Partner / Promotion Lead Snapshots, Sales Order Reports, Support Cases
Transactions   Estimate, Opportunity, Sales Order

In short Partner center gives your partners limited access to Information. APC allows your partners to create and view information instead of somebody in your organization doing it behind the scenes. The choice is how active a role do your current partners take and if they could be more involved, would they?

By offering your partners a self-service portal into your business that you control, you're making it easier for all parties to do better business together.

Written by Shasta Hague

Shasta Hague is a NetSuite Consultant for Business Solution Partners. After working as a Controller in several different industries and implementing NetSuite in each, she switched careers to assist others in honing their skills. In her spare time she enjoys coaching cheerleading and assisting in contemporary dance. She lives full time in Arizona with her husband and 4 kids.

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