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Posted by Antonio Posella | Feb 21, 2018 9:12:00 AM

Make NetSuite Searches Easier With These Quick Tips

Tip: Keyword Seach In Pop-up Search

You know those wonderful little pop-up search and lookup areas in NetSuite? I'm sure you've been frustrated with them from time to time, because "out-of-the-box," they only enable you to perform a lookup by typing a company name from left to right, in order. You can't shortcut search by looking up the most unique and identifiable part of a company name. Or the only part you remember!

For example, if you have a customer whose name is Giant Business Group, LLC, and you are attempting to add this customer to a transaction, you can only find them in the pop-up search by typing the name of the company in the correct letter order from left to right: G, i, a, n, t, etc...

But what if you have 20 companies that start with those four letters? Giant Foods, Giant Car Wash, Giant Fencing... There's got to be a better way to quickly find these contacts or companies and populate the necessary fields.

We're here to tell you that there is! Want to find out how to enable Keyword functionality for NetSuite pop-up search? Keep reading...

Let's Dive In:

When searching for Giant Business Group, LLC you can successfully look them up by using the keyword 'giant'. However, you are unable to find them if you search using the keywords 'group' or 'business'.

setting off 1

setting off 2


Save time, save frustration and enable this fix so you can locate what you are looking for faster!

With this nifty quick tip, you can turn on a setting that will allow you to search by any keyword, and not be restricted to ordered characters into the pop-up. 

To enable this setting: 

  1.  Hover over the House Icon 

  2.  Select Preferences 

  3.  Click Analytics 

  4.  Check the Checkbox  'Pop-up Search Uses Keywords Check Box = Yes/No' 

  5.  Click Save 


Once you click save, you will be able to use any keyword to find what you are looking for.

Now with this setting enabled we are able to look up 'Giant Business Group, LLC' by using the keywords 'business' and 'group' - we're not restricted to the keyword 'Giant'. 

setting 7


And there you have it! Another quick NetSuite Tip from the Business Solution Partner's team to help you streamline your NetSuite workflows. Stay tuned to our SaaS Tips & Tricks Blog for a steady stream of helpful information for NetSuite Users and Administrators.


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Written by Antonio Posella

Business Solution Partner’s ERP Project Manager Antonio Posella, knows a thing or two about Continuous Improvement. Armed with a Master’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University in Technology and Operations Management and years of real-world experience, Antonio has immersed himself in all things related to Lean Operations Management. He is an Expert NetSuite consultant and enjoys working with companies of all sizes to tackle complex business process and operations challenges.

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