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on Nov 10, 2023 9:58:13 AM | by Ron Rubens | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Post
In the dynamic landscape of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, strategic planning plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable growth and market success. Amidst various planning methodologies, the spotlight is increasingly turning towards bottom-up planning as a transformative approach for CPG companies. Unlike traditional top-down strategies, bottom-up planning empowers organizations by harnessing insights from the ground level, involving frontline teams, and leveraging real-time data.
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on Nov 2, 2023 10:17:54 AM | by Ron Rubens | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Post
In today's fast-paced food and beverage industry, where competition is fierce and consumer demands are constantly evolving, staying ahead of the curve has become a monumental challenge. Operational efficiency, adaptability, and financial planning have become paramount to success and longevity. By implementing strategic measures, you can elevate your business to new heights and secure a competitive edge.
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