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2020 Q1 NY NetSuite User Group

Business Solution Partners is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the New York NetSuite User Group! Don't miss this great opportunity to meet other NetSuite users in your area and participate in free NetSuite educational sessions. Also, join us at 9:00 AM for a delicious free HOT breakfast!  Topics for the Upcoming Q1 Meeting:  NetSuite Tips & Tricks, Industry Break Out Sessions & Networking  Next Level NetSuite: Leveraging SuiteFlow & Workflows  Hussain Zaidi, Chief Solution Architect of Business Solution Partners  Tips to Increase E-Payment Adoption by 45 % Chris Elmore, Evangelist of AvidXChange and Adjunct Professor of University of North Carolina 
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Webinar: The Three C's of Active Planning with Adaptive Insights

Active Planning allows organizations to be fluid and agile - making critical business decision based on accurate and timely financial and non-financial information. 
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Webinar: NetSuite Functions & Features Spotlight: NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management

Is your company struggling to comply with accounting standards including ACS 605, 606 and IFRS 15? Does your team report financial reports in a timely manner? 
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2019 NY NetSuite User Group Holiday Happy Hour

Join us on Tuesday, December 3rd and take a night to celebrate the holidays with other Oracle NetSuite Users in New York over unlimited free drinks & food.
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Webinar: Introducing SuitePeople: The Future of HR

Does your company struggle when it comes to Human Capital Management? Is meeting business priorities for HR and Payroll a challenge for your team? 
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Webinar: The Finance Team's Guide to Mastering Reporting

Does your company struggle when it comes to reporting? As a result, are your reports inaccurate?
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NorCal NetSuite User Group: Emeryville Q3 Meeting

Business Solution Partners is a proud sponsor of the NorCal NetSuite User Groups! NetSuite user groups are a great way to meet other NetSuite users and learn tips & tricks to help maximize your use of NetSuite! 
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Webinar: Mastering Budgeting & Forecasting with NetSuite

Does your company struggle when it comes to budgeting & forecasting? As a result, are your budgeting and forecasting processes static and outdated?
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Webinar: 5 Ways AP Automation Can Help Your Company Grow

Every business has one thing in common - the desire to achieve higher revenue and faster growth. 
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Webinar: Mastering The Inventory Count With NetSuite

Does your company struggle when it comes to inventory? As a result, does your organization struggle with inefficiencies in inventory, accounting and reporting accuracy? 
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