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HubSpot: An Alternative to Bronto

Written by Bryan Flynn | Mar 28, 2022 10:38:11 AM

NetSuite has decided that their Big Green Dinosaur will be joining the extinct species list, prompting users to figure out what's next? With the sunsetting of Bronto on May 31, 2022, many marketers are looking for an alternative platform for high volume, targeted marketing needs.

Business Solution Partners has been working with Bronto, and systems like Bronto, integrated to NetSuite, for many years. In our experience, the clear successor to Bronto is HubSpot, with the SuiteSpot Integration providing the data link necessary to run advanced reporting, segmentation and targeting.

At BSP, we have long championed HubSpot as a critical tech-stack addition to NetSuite's ERP capabilities. Though it began its life as a Marketing Automation tool back in 2006, HubSpot has evolved into a solution that goes well beyond marketing.

Today, HubSpot is known as the tech stack for growth - it streamlines the prospect to customer journey, and enables your customer facing teams to work collaboratively with a single source of data truth. When connected to NetSuite (especially through our proprietary SuiteSpot Integration), HubSpot is equipped to mirror much of the functionality you came to love about Bronto, and outpace the solution in many key areas.

Our connected solution delivers the basics that any MarTech tool should: leveraged contact and company details for automation, segmentation and reporting; database driven personalization tokens; drag-and-drop mass email capabilities; and a comprehensive suite of tools for modern Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams.

But with SuiteSpot connecting your NetSuite ERP and HubSpot CRM, you'll get the added benefit of being able to synch sales orders and products, supplying HubSpot with the critical data it needs to outpace Bronto's segmentation, personalization, reporting and analytics capabilities.

Walking you through a day-in-the-life scenario with fictitious Marketing Director Joe will provide you with just a few examples of what you can achieve with HubSpot integrated to NetSuite:

Marketing Director Joe is challenged by his CMO to develop a cross-sell/up-sell campaign targeting customers who made e-commerce purchases of the company's most popular widget. The widget has a few high-value companion parts that users tend to purchase after the initial sale, as well as a consumable refill for which the company offers a subscription.

Customers make e-commerce purchases through a SuiteCommerce front-end, with NetSuite providing a single source of data truth. Having previously deployed SuiteSpot to connect NetSuite and HubSpot, Joe can leverage the sales order and line item data being shared between the two systems to achieve his directive.

Joe visits his custom Product Sales dashboard in HubSpot to quickly identify the top selling widget. This data flows from NetSuite into HubSpot through the API, populating custom properties in HubSpot, which are reflected in a dashboard report titled "Our Top Sellers."

Next, Joe builds a target list in HubSpot for his target audience. He leverages custom deal properties in HubSpot, populated by NetSuite, to find all customers who purchased the top selling widget within the past three months.

Joe then sets out to design his offer. In the process of crafting a great message, he realizes that there are some widget buyers who may have already purchased the accessory parts, but may not be taking advantage of the subscription refills. There are also users who subscribe, but haven't purchased companion parts. Joe decides that he really wants to speak to all of these individuals with messaging that is relevant.

Joe creates a single HTML email targeting the widget purchasers, and leverages smart content capabilities to include relevant messaging specific to the deeper segmentations that he identified. He also includes personalization tokens in his email to deepen the customization of the message to his intended audience.

Joe's email is really well received. The combination of personalization and smart content connect with his audience. By leveraging HubSpot's Campaign Tool, Joe is able to aggregate information about his email, and all of the other efforts connected to this particular marketing effort. He can directly attribute a significant uptick in consumable subscriptions and cross-sold items back to his campaign efforts. Joe is not only able to communicate the success of the campaign to his CMO, but can also provide solid ROI calculations. 

Joe's CMO is so impressed with the results of the cross-sell / upsell campaign that he invests in more resources to bolster Marketing's efforts.

If you would like to speak with our team about the sunsetting of Bronto and the options that you have available, please reach out by clicking on the link below.  

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Written by Bryan Flynn

Bryan has worked in the ERP industry for the last decade. He has worked with manufacturing and distribution companies and is passionate about proving a complete software solution with industry expertise and an experienced implementation team. Bryan is also involved in the New York, Northerner California and Southern California NetSuite User Groups.

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