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How Could The Cloud Help Your Business Improve Global E-Commerce?

Online retailers are looking to Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help them expand into a global e-commerce market. An article on CIO.com highlights the example of the French cosmetics company Clarins, which used the cloud to quickly deploy a global e-commerce website tailored to Chinese customers.

“The trick was to stay true to its global brand identity while creating a website tailored for Chinese customers,” Laurent Malaveille, Clarins’ executive vice president for global digital, CRM and e-commerce, tells CIO.com.

With cloud e-commerce, Clarins was able to take advantage of several benefits offered by cloud solutions that just aren’t available with on-premises, licensed software.

By hosting its website on a cloud platform, Clarins virtually outsources management of its system. And by allowing the vendor to manage day-to-day software operation, Clarins is able to put all of its focus on business needs rather than IT issues.

With cloud-based global e-commerce, Clarins doesn’t have to worry about lengthy implementations and nightmarish upgrade projects. The company is able to quickly move into other global markets without expanding its IT budget and staff.

Malaveille notes that “Clarins wanted to move quickly into many international markets without having to add a lot of IT staff to handle the expansion — or the upgrade projects that traditional on-premises, licensed software would eventually require.”

While there are many options for retailers like Clarins when it comes to global e-commerce, it chose the SaaS model because it allows the company to take advantage of up-to-date software as soon as it’s available.

Clarins never has to worry about being on a legacy version of its software or dealing with costly maintenance of databases on servers. By allowing a cloud vendor to handle management of its e-commerce platform, companies are able to take advantage of the latest software benefits and support while focusing on core business goals.

Source: CIO.com, February 2014

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