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Posted by FullQuota Editor | Jan 28, 2014 12:00:29 AM

How Are Invoice Approvals In The Cloud Making Business Move Faster?

According to an article on Cloud Tech News, managing invoice approvals is now easier than ever thanks to Box offering 50GB more free storage to users who sign up by Feb. 15. Using Box’s cloud storage and workflow allows companies to easily transition to the cloud.

Distributors and manufacturers are learning that the cloud is where business is heading. Legacy on-premises systems for file storage, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) do not provide the flexibility and agility required in an environment of increased demand for speed and accessibility.

This is especially true for multinational companies as well as distributors and manufacturers with multiple locations. Document management must evolve to meet the needs of global ERP and accounting. By using Box’s cloud file storage, accounting departments can move invoice approvals to the cloud to be accessed anywhere.

Invoices and other documents can now be quickly uploaded to cloud folders and accessed around the world instantly, including on mobile iOS devices. Further, by using various access levels and workflows, you’re able to control who sees what documents and how they are notified.

“We’ve overhauled our app to make it super-fast, simpler to use and more immersive. The result, we believe, is the best content viewing and collaboration experience available today for your iOS device,” says David Still, vice president of mobile products for Box, in the Cloud Tech News article.

The Box application also integrates with cloud ERP systems like NetSuite. That means employees are able to access files relating to customers, vendors and individual transactions from within their ERP system, and invoice approvals workflows can be designed to ensure executives sign off on these invoices and approve payments quickly.

The key here is collaboration, with the cloud making possible a level of collaboration never seen before. With older on-premises solutions, making documents available for collaboration relied heavily on IT services maintaining file servers and access through VPN connections and terminal services.

Now invoice approvals can be handled simply, cost effectively and without the necessity of high-cost IT overhead. Employees need only log in through a browser either on their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Contact us to learn more about this offer from Box and how Box can help you manage your documents more efficiently in the cloud.

Source: Cloud Tech News, January 2014

Written by FullQuota Editor

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