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Posted by FullQuota Editor | Jun 28, 2013 1:00:27 AM

5 Tips To Help Distributors Meet Customers’ Barcode Technology Requirements

Processes to help ensure barcode compliance can save distributors money by improving efficiency and avoiding increasingly common fines.

According to an article on the DC Velocity website, automated receiving systems have made companies stricter about barcode technology, with some issuing fines as high as $10,000 for violations.

Distribution companies have to meet various customer requirements for barcode compliance, while at the same time delivering products in a cost-effective manner. It’s difficult to change the way you label, ship and package products, but there are benefits to going through the pain of meeting customers’ barcode technology requirements. For starters, not only will you avoid fines, but you’re more likely to do business with large, high-volume retailers that will sell more of your products. Retailers are more apt to go with distributors who comply with their barcode technology standards.

In addition, this pushes distributors to automate their operations and implement cost-saving barcode systems in-house. Distributors need to be as efficient as possible, and these automated systems provide cost savings by providing faster and more accurate data entry to reduce errors. Barcode technology plays an important role in improving inventory control by making it easier to track products throughout the warehouse.

The DC Velocity article outlines five steps to help ensure companies stay in compliance as their products move through the warehouse.

  1. Make sure you understand customer requirements: There are barcode industry standards for symbology, but distributors who follow those won’t necessarily meet their customers’ requirements. Many companies have developed unique requirements for barcodes.
  2. Exercise proper maintenance of printers: Neglecting printers could result in faulty barcodes and hefty fines. It’s important to keep maintenance in mind even during hectic times of the year.
  3. Don’t skimp on printing materials: Cheap products are often low-cost for a reason. What good is it to save a few bucks on low-cost printing materials if you get hit with thousands of dollars in fines?
  4. Verify barcodes’ location before shipment: Many systems are made to scan barcodes on a particular place on boxes. Check to make sure they’re in the right location.
  5. Check your own barcodes: A barcode verifier can analyze your label to make sure it can be properly scanned when it gets to its destination.

Source: DC Velocity, June 2013

Written by FullQuota Editor

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