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Posted by Business Solution Partners | Jun 24, 2019 9:11:14 AM

Webinar Recording: Maximizing The Bottom Line For Medical Practices

Welcome to the Business Solution Partners Webinar:
"Maximizing The Bottom Line For Medical Practices"

In this latest webinar from Business Solution Partners (BSP), we join BSP's Chief Executive Officer as he describes how to streamline the financial management of Medical Practices with process and technology.

Later in this session, Wing Chan - BSP's Senior Adaptive Insights Account Executive- introduces Adaptive Insight's Cloud-Based Business Management Solution, where he explains how Healthcare Practitioners are leveraging Adaptive Insights to transform the finance role. Next, you'll get a Healthcare specific demo of the Adaptive Insights software from Eric Zimmerman.

Finally, we have a rousing Q&A session from our live attendees for you to enjoy.

Click Here To Download The Presentation Deck


  • Maximizing Profits Through Operational Changes
  • Maximizing Profits Through Finance Operations
    • Measuring The Accuracy of the Forecast
    • Reporting & Budgeting Key Dimensions 
    • Allocations Planning 
    • Scenario Planning
    • Dashboarding
    • Leveraging Technology to Automate 
  • A Brief Introduction to Adaptive Insights 
  • Technology Showcase with Eric Zimmerman of Adaptive Insights 
  • Q&A Session 

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