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Posted by FullQuota Editor | Apr 15, 2014 1:00:04 AM

How Do Cloud ERP Solutions Help Businesses Increase Growth?

What keeps high-growth businesses growing? It’s not just great products and services. According to a post on the NetSuite Blog, an important factor in maintaining growth is agility and scalability. It’s this agility that companies are finding in cloud ERP solutions.

Many businesses rely on a hairball of disparate software systems to manage different business areas such as accounting, CRM, inventory and e-commerce. This creates an environment where employees must enter data into more than one database. Data integrity is no longer maintained and efficiency deteriorates quickly.

With a cloud ERP solution, all of these different products are combined into one solution that uses one database. This approach allows users to enter data once and use that data for all business processes.

The financials, inventory, CRM and e-commerce are all handled by one browser-based application. This means users have the power to access information from anywhere they’re able to get access to the Internet.

For natural rodent repellent maker Earth-Kind, this is perfect.

“We’re very nimble and we haven’t invested in a fixed asset like buildings and plants and offices. … We lease everything and we have employees in different locations so we’re all able to get on and see the same data and determine what to watch and how to react,” says Kari Block, Earth-Kind CEO, in the NetSuite Blog.

Switching from using several disconnected systems to one, integrated cloud ERP solution has allowed hundreds of companies like Earth-Kind to take advantage of greater efficiency and lower costs.

The ease-of-use and adaptability of cloud ERP solutions lead to more accurate order management and reporting, along with lower costs to implement new processes and train employees. Fulfilling customer’s needs more quickly and efficiently means increased sales and profitability. It’s also imperative for small and mid-size companies to stay on a track to fast growth.

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Source: NetSuite Blog, February 2014

Written by FullQuota Editor

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