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Craig Cook

BSP's Chief Marketing Officer Craig Cook is passionate about educating business owners about NetSuite & HubSpot, and expanding on opportunities for users. He is an expert on deploying HubSpot with SuiteCommerce, unlocking the power of an integrated solution. Craig is the host of the New York, Northern California and Southern California NetSuite User Groups.

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on Apr 18, 2023 4:40:37 PM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
The American Firearms Industry has a long and complex history of compliance with government regulations. Ever since the Gun Control Act of 1968 established a federal system of firearms regulation, manufacturers and distributors have been required to comply with a range of regulations designed to ensure the safe and responsible distribution of firearms.
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on Apr 12, 2023 1:17:59 PM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
On-premise IT infrastructure has been the traditional method for companies to store and manage their data. However, there are various risks associated with this approach. Natural disasters, equipment failure, cyber-attacks, power interruption, and other factors can cause data loss and downtime, leading to severe consequences for businesses. NetSuite's cloud solution provides an alternative approach that can mitigate these risks and ensure the continuity and security of data.
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on Apr 4, 2023 7:36:30 PM | by Craig Cook | Tags: Live Events, Firearm Manufacturing
Team BSP is a proud sponsor of the 2023 Firearms Industry Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. For the first time, the conference is taking on a hybrid format, with both in-person and virtual programming taking place from April 27 to May 3. BSP will be on-site at the Westin Buckhead Convention Center representing NetSuite, and we welcome you to come learn about our complete solution for ERP and Compliance which includes eCommerce and CRM.
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on Mar 16, 2023 8:45:00 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
NetSuite's WMS (Warehouse Management System) Module is a native extension of the core NetSuite solution that provides real-time visibility into inventory and warehouse operations. WMS is a product of NetSuite that is fully integrated with their ERP functionality and provides advanced inventory management, warehouse automation, and shipping capabilities.
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on Mar 14, 2023 8:45:00 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
Your company is growing, as are the demands of your business. QuickBooks can only take scaling organizations so far… So where do you turn next? If you’ve already adopted the cloud and are using QBO, it’s a natural shift to a more robust SaaS product. If you’re still using the desktop version of QuickBooks, it’s time to step up to scale.
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on Mar 9, 2023 8:00:00 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
NetSuite's Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution is a cloud-based software tool designed to help professional services firms manage their projects, resources, and finances more efficiently. It provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of a professional services business, including project management, resource management, time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, and financial management.
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on Mar 7, 2023 9:00:00 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
In Oracle NetSuite, Dunning/Collections is a process that helps businesses collect outstanding payments from their customers. This functionality can be beneficial for organizations of any size and industry that sell products or services on credit and have to manage overdue invoices. The Dunning/Collections process is designed to automate the collection process, reduce the risk of bad debt, and improve cash flow.
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on Mar 1, 2023 8:29:11 AM | by Craig Cook | Tags: NetSuite, Blog Posts
NetSuite's SuitePayments is a payment processing solution that is integrated with the NetSuite ERP system. SuitePayments allows NetSuite users to securely process customer payments, manage payment data, and automate payment-related tasks.
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