Our Support Matrix

Your Guide To Exactly What Services Are Included With Dedicated Support Tiers
and how BSP Managed Service Can Turbocharge Your Support Engine

Advise Enhance BSP Managed Service
Support Services
Support of Existing Implemented Features
Standard Report Customization Help
Standard Report Creation
Complex Report Creation & Customization
Requiring Scripting, SQL, Complex Formulas, Advanced PDFs
Saved Search Help
Saved Search Creation
Complex Saved Search Creation
Requiring Scripting, SQL, Complex Formulas, Advanced PDFs
Dashboard Help
For Pre-Existing Dashboards
Form Customization Support
For Pre-Existing Forms That May Be Broken Or Need Adjustments
Custom Form Creation
Not Including Forms Requiring Custom Scripting
Complex Form Creation
Including forms that require custom scripting
Custom Field Support
Complex Field Creation
Including fields that require custom scripting
Workflow Support
Pre-Existing Workflows, No Scripting
Workflow Creation
Not Including Workflows Requiring Custom Scripting
Complex Workflow Creation
Including workflows that require custom scripting
User Creation & Access Provisioning
Role Permission Support
Role Permission Administration
Annual Customer Engagement Session
A $2000 Value!
Semi-Annual Customer Engagement Session
A $4000 Value!
New Release Testing
With Client Provided Template & Test List
Implementation of New Modules or Features
Strategic NetSuite Consulting
Custom Application Support
Including Scripting, Integration or Software Development
End User Training
Admin Training

*BSP Support Packages are billed monthly. Advise and Enhance Dedicated Support pricing is dependent upon your Total Annual NetSuite License Expenditure (AAR), as calculated by tier. Minimum monthly rate shall be $600. BSP Managed Service is sold at fixed rates.  Minimum monthly hours shall be seven. Support available 9:00am - 5:00pm North American Hours (i.e. we're open 9-5 on the East Coast and West Coast)


†Guaranteed Support - Business Solution Partners guarantees same-day response to any support request received before 3pm EST. Support requests received after 3pm EST are guaranteed a next day response. Advise and Enhance tiers guarantee access for two (2) client employees to utilize the resources of a dedicated BSP Support Team member. Dedicated Support & Administrative Services do not include SuiteScripting or Custom Application Development. SuiteScripting and Custom Application Development projects that are scoped at less than 40 hours are eligible for BSP Managed Service.

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