Our 4D Methodology

Right The First Time, Right From The Start


We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives and requirements. This phase is all about aligning NetSuite's capabilities with your specific needs.


In this stage, we create a customized blueprint of your NetSuite system. Our focus is on crafting a solution that is both efficient and scalable, tailored to fit your business processes perfectly.


Here, we bring the design to life. Our team meticulously configures and customizes NetSuite, ensuring every aspect is optimized for peak performance and user experience.


The final stage involves rolling out your new NetSuite system. We ensure a smooth transition, providing training and support to guarantee a successful implementation and seamless adoption within your organization.

Our Project Management Process

Our well defined process, built over the course of hundreds of implementations, ensures projects adhere to timeline, scope and budget.

Status Reporting Project Plan Change Control Checkpoint

Our approach includes meticulous tracking of tasks, financial progress, as well as identifying risks and issues. These elements are collectively reviewed every week, ensuring constant alignment and transparency throughout the project.

We diligently update the project plan each week, reflecting the latest team progress. This ongoing revision helps maintain the project's momentum and ensures that all activities are aligned with the overall objectives.

We carefully assess the impact of any changes on the project's timeline, scope, and budget. Formal documentation for change orders is rigorously prepared and requires explicit sign-off before any additional work commences, safeguarding project integrity.

At the end of each project phase, we conduct a comprehensive review. This includes assessing the progress made, confirming milestones achieved, and discussing forthcoming tasks, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated effort throughout the project lifecycle.

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