Free Whitepaper: Why Companies Switch from MS Dynamics to Cloud ERP

Learn why hundreds of companies have left Microsoft Dynamics solutions such as Great Plains to accelerate growth with cloud ERP

Fragmented and complicated IT infrastructure is often the core hindrance to growth for companies using traditional on-premise ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics.

This whitepaper will detail how companies achieved growth by switching from on-premise ERP systems to the cloud. You’ll find real-world case studies with executives of Imagine! and the Advocacy Center of Louisiana on how they reduced costs, improved visibility and retooled for growth.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce IT infrastructure management and total cost of ownership
  • Gain real-time financial and operational visibility to make better decisions
  • Drive value with rapid implementation, ease of use, and customization
  • Manage multiple subsidiaries and simplify financial consolidation