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What are Private Equity teams looking for when they invest?

Investment is a numbers game, and investors are specific about the numbers that drive decision making. Whether you are currently being evaluated for investment, or you want to secure investment in the future,  you need to know the numbers that are important to investors.

Join the CEOs of Business Solution Partners (David Smooha), Columbia River Partners (Nathan Chanddasekaran), and Turning Point Strategic Advisors (Alan Chaffee) for a roundtable discussion about all of the KPIs that are important to Private Equity, what investors are looking to understand about your business pre-investment, and what you'll be responsible for reporting back to your investors post-acquisition.

In this webinar, you'll hear from experts in their respective fields about the following pertinent topics:

  • The KPIs driving investment decision making
  • How transparent financial systems and processes aid the process
  • Executive Leadership's role in successful equity transactions
  • Establishing baselines and measurements of success
  • Why data accuracy and integrated systems are vital
  • Planning for business transformation
  • The increasing role of technology considerations
  • Why Operational KPIs are just as important as Financial KPIs
  • How analytics are enabling evolving investment strategies

Join us for a Private Equity Roundtable Discussion, presented by Business Solution Partners, a technology services company (and recent investment recipient), Turning Point Strategic Advisors, a financial and strategic consulting firm that helps prepare clients for investment opportunities, and Columbia River Partners, a leading growth equity firm focused on the technology sector. 

During this round table discussion, we will offer insight into the investment process from all sides, so you can navigate your organization's M&A activities.

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