Cloud Based Business & Finance Management Solutions For Modern Enterprise

    Manage Complex Projects

    With Ease And Efficiency

    With BSP systems companies can create and budget for projects, tasks and task dependencies to assist in running a complex project and managing the cost of the project.

    With our systems and services Companies can:

    • Build project and identity tasks associated with projects
    • Manage project task and task estimates
    • Manage purchasing, expenses and labor effort associated with project management
    • Forecast project future costs for Estimate to Complete (ETC)
    • Determine Variance from budget analysis
    • Support Fixed fee and time and material projects
    • Bill for project based upon milestones or effort incurred
    • Maintain change management procedures and create workflows to automate change approval
    • Manage contracts, documents and resources information in a document library with access controls
    • View Dashboard reports of project status and project estimates

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