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Business Solution Partners Are Blackline Integration Specialists Focused on NetSuite and MS Dynamics.

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Blackline  - a modern approach to Finance & Accounting  operations. Through a deft combination of automation and process innovation, your company can adopt the Continuous Accounting  methodology and succeed with Business Solution Partners & Blackline.

Business Solution Partners is a Blackline Gold Certified Parter focused on Implementation, Consulting, and Training. We're the NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation Specialists that Blackline customers rely on. We offer a personalized approach to all our Blackline engagements, earning trusted advisor status and delivering the long-term commitment you’re looking for in a partner.


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Spotlight on Blackline's Financial Management Solutions


The BlackLine Reconciliation Management solution standardizes, automates, and streamlines all types of reconciliations including balance sheet, bank, credit card, and other operational reconciliations, as well as reconciliations between systems, regulatory standards, and other areas.

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The BlackLine Financial Close Management solution empowers users to gain full control over the financial close process by streamlining accounting workflows, and producing financial and regulatory reporting in a timely manner, while ensuring accuracy and compliance audit-ability.

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BlackLine's Intercompany Hub is a clearinghouse for transactions that eliminates manual reconciliations and settlements. The Hub centrally interfaces with all of a company’s core Business Systems, collecting and distributing intercompany transactional data on a centralized basis.

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Blackline's Controls Assurance solution empowers accounting teams to meet the challenges they face documenting and overseeing the testing of internal control environments. Get a streamlined view of your transactional rules and gain confidence in your automation processes with Blackline.

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Enable Continuous Accounting With Blackline's Unified Cloud Platform

Align Your Accounting Schedule With The Rest of Business, Shorten The Close, Smooth Out End of Period Spikes, and Gain Reporting, Analysis and Awareness

Business Solution Partners are champions of Continuous Accounting, and we promote the gospel of this important approach to finance that is fueling modern business growth.

The Continuous Accounting methodology embeds automation, control and period-end tasks within day-to-day activities. This makes the rigid accounting calendar more flexible to more closely resemble the activities of your broader business.

Transform your business with real-time processing, empowered employees and deep analytics. The result is a more efficient close, more accurate financials and a more effective organization.

As A Blackline Gold Parter, & The NetSuite Implementation Specialists, Business Solution Partners Is Proud To Provide The Following Services

  • Blackline Software, Onboarding, Implementation, and Process Consulting
  • Platform Configuration & Employee Training
  • Development of Account Reconciliation Templates
  • Assistance To Organize and Administrate The Financial Close Checklist
  • Configuration of Transaction Matching Rules
  • Seamless Data integrations with ERP, CPM and other Business Software Systems
  • The NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics Integration Specialists

The Blackline Suite of Products

Account Reconciliations

  • Reduces manual labor and allows accountants to focus on value-added activities and analytics through auto-certification of low risk, rules-driven reconciliations

  • Reconciliation templates help companies standardize the reconciliation process across all business units, improving the quality of reconciliations and the efficiency of reviews and audits

  • On-line document repository stores and protects all attachments associated with the reconciliation process

  • Built-in workflow ensures accounts are assigned, prepared, and reviewed by the right people at the right time

  • Comprehensive dashboards and reporting give real-time visibility into status, progress, exceptions, and risk points

Task Management

  • Gain visibility into operational processes with comprehensive task management, dashboards and reporting

  • Configurable Task Dependencies guarantee correct sequence and roll-up of related activities

  • High level of configurability allows the creation and co-existence of many different types of task lists

  • Real-time notifications alert users to pending tasks and keep the process moving

  • Global time zones are supported with flexible due dates, calendars and holidays, eliminating the difficulties caused by geographic differences

Transaction Matching

  • Automatically import, parse, and manipulate data from any readable source, in any format, on any schedule

  • Match any type of data with flexible, rules-driven “match sets”

  • Match one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many pairings

  • Handle high volumes of transactions quickly and easily, matching up to 1 million transactions per minute

  • Configurable tolerance thresholds may be expressed numerically or as percentages

Journal Entry

  • Import journal and/or journal lines from report writers or spreadsheets.

  • Point-and-click journal cloning

  • Configurable journal templates

  • Automatic posting and status tracking

  • Reduce time spent following up on journals that have errors

  • Auditor access reduces audit questions

Variance Analysis

  • Analyze variances before generating financial statements

  • Flexible, real-time visibility into balance figures

  • Links to underlying reconciliations simplifies research process

  • 15+ different types of period comparisons

  • Cover all types of accounts across B/S and P&L

  • Auto-calculate Foreign Exchange differentials

Consolidation Integrity Manager

  • Allows greater accuracy in financial statements by eliminating manual tie-out processes

  • Configurable relationships between source systems

  • Full audit trail and records

  • Clear identification of out of balance accounts

  • Email notifications of balance changes

  • Underlying reconciliations assist in researching discrepancies


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Why Should You Choose Blackline For Reconciliations and Close Management Corporate Accounting Needs?

Manual processes associated with Closing the Books, performing Reconciliations and Tracking Account Variances are often labor intensive and prone to inaccuracies. Blackline's cloud-based financial close management suite automates these processes, enabling companies to adopt Continuous Accounting.

  • Auto Certification
  • Increased Productivity of Finance Team
  • Reduces Paper, Printing, Storage and Auditor Fees
  • Improved Process Management
  • Reduce Audit Overages
  • Enable Faster Close

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