NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Training: Advanced Saved Searches

Duration: 2 hours

  • Advanced Search Filters
    • Defining Advanced Search Filters
    • Using And/Or Expressions in Search Criteria
    • Using Main Line in Transaction Search Criteria
    • Summary Search Filters
  • Customizing Search Results
    • Defining Search Results Display Options
    • Selecting Fields to Display in Search Results
    • Entering Custom Labels for Search Results Columns
    • Defining Summary Types to Roll Up Search Results
    • Using When Ordered By Field for Search Results
    • Showing Totals in Search Results
    • Applying Functions to Search Results Columns
    • Defining Order and Overall Formatting for Search Results
  • Apply Advanced Formatting and Calculations
    • Use functions to format data and numeric values
    • Build simple formulas to calculate values
    • Identify how SQL functions can be incorporated in formulas
  • Financial and Search Report Overview
    • Standard reports for point in time analysis
    • Customize standard reports to match business requirements
    • Sharing of NetSuite data with external stakeholders & applications
    • Creating custom KPI’s
    • Creating personalized, real-time dashboards
  • Add In-Depth Analysis
    • Build combinations of criteria with parenthetical expressions
    • Group data by column
    • Add grand totals to numeric and currency columns
  • Publish Saved Searches
    • Define audiences for saved searches
    • Publish saved searches
    • Custom dashboard reminders
    • Create saved search email alerts
    • Schedule emails

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