NetSuite Distribution Training: Order Management and Processing

Duration: 4 hours

  • Sales Orders
    • Sales Order Entry Workflow Chart
    • Entering a Sales Order
    • Standard Sales Order Form
    • Approving Sales Orders
    • Billing Sales Orders
    • Viewing the Status of Sales Orders
    • Printing a Sales Order
    • Creating Invoices/Cash Sales from Sales Orders
    • Creating Progress Sales Orders
  • Matrix Item Order Management
    • Setting Up the Matrix Item Templates
    • Creating a Matrix Item Order
    • Printing a Matrix Item Order
  • Order Fulfillment
    • Fulfillment Workflow Charts
    • Fulfilling Orders
    • Fulfilling Orders Across Multiple Accounting Periods
    • Advanced Shipping
    • Bulk Fulfill Orders Using a CSV Import
    • Closing Line-items That Will Not Be Fulfilled
    • Printing a Picking Ticket
    • Packing Slips and Return Forms
    • Pick, Pack, and Ship
    • Tracking Bulk Job Processing Status
    • Order Fulfillment Confirmation Email
  • Shipping
    • Setting Up Shipping
    • Shipping Basics
    • Multiple Shipping Routes
  • Reporting
    • Open Sales Orders Report
    • Sales Back Order Report
    • Sales Order Register Report
    • Sales Orders Pending Fulfillment Report

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