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    It’s no secret: Your success as a consumer packaged goods distributor depends on being able to supply your customers with the right product at the right time and at the right price. Sure, it may sound easy, but you know what a high-wire act it can be.

    At Business Solution Partners, we provide proven enterprise resource planning software solutions that can help organizations like yours effectively perform this delicate balancing act. Our integrated ERP for distribution applications can help you meet retailers’ demands more effectively, increase their satisfaction and reduce your cost of operations through streamlined inventory and integrated shipping capabilities.

    We can help you provide your customers with fast, accurate answers, firm delivery promises, flexible pricing and efficient order fulfillment. Built on rock-solid NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics technologies, our custom enterprise resource planning solutions for consumer packaged goods distributors help your organization:

    • Get product on customers’ shelves when needed by controlling every aspect of purchasing, sales and distribution—from order-entry and procurement to inventory and shipment management.
    • Plan inventory to satisfy retailer demand, while efficiently managing just-in-time inventory.
    • Easily establish customer-specific pricing and rules. Personalize prices for individual items, customers or groups of customers, while maintaining standard pricing elsewhere.
    • Streamline your pick/pack/ship cycle and manage inventory, orders and logistics more efficiently.
    • Manage your customers’ requirements for EDI and customer portals to allow them to more easily do business with your organization.
    • Improve customer service through rapid access to data from multiple sources.
    • Make knowledgeable decisions about your business with easy-to-use stock analysis tools and flexible inventory-reporting capabilities.

    Find out how Business Solution Partners can help your distribution organization better plan inventory, streamline order processing and provide outstanding customer service.

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